Canada affirms that FECI’s work is essential to the country’s development

FECI President, Juan Francisco Sandoval and Canadian Ambassador to Guatemala Rita Ruditis-Reno. La Hora / Embassy of Canada in Guatemala

The Canadian Embassy in Guatemala expressed from its social network account on Twitter its support for the work of the Special Prosecutor to Combat Impunity (FECI), which they consider essential to the development of the country.

“Fighting corruption and impunity is central to the development of #Guatemala. Canada remains committed to supporting efforts in favor of #FECI transparency and justice,” highlights the diplomatic mission.

The tweet also attached a photo of FECI President Juan Francisco Sandoval and Canadian Ambassador to Guatemala Rita Ruditis-Reno.

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What the Canadian embassy said this afternoon is similar to what was expressed by other countries, including the United States.

“For example, we join the efforts of public officials in the three countries that have committed to this effort, such as the FECI model case in Guatemala, and we also have a growing group of private sector actors in the three countries. Understand the enormous costs of corruption and the need for full compliance with the rule of law to strengthen Economic growth in the region, as highlighted by Ricardo Zuniga, Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle of Central America, today in one of the activities.

Yesterday, La Hora also published a note about a meeting Sandoval had with the representative of the Netherlands in Guatemala Christine Perini, where they expressed their support for the fight against corruption.

Earlier, Sandoval met with the Ambassador of the European Union, Thomas Becker, who stated from his Twitter account: “An important meeting with the head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity (FECI) Juan Francisco Sandoval with representatives of the member states of the European Union in Guatemala.” The meeting was attended by ambassadors of other countries from that continent.

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