Can Dominican workers immigrate to Canada

The Workers The Dominicans could have a new job-saving overseas destination: Canada, if this problem flourishes in Free Trade Agreement That both countries will begin to discuss.

This was stated by the President of the Canadian-Dominican Chamber of Commerce (Canchamard), Gustavo de Hostos, who stated that among the advantages of a possible trade agreement between the two countries was the immigrant part of the Creoles.

“Canadians need Workers Dominicans to work there, this is our opportunity; This is where it (the treaty) should be directed, as they did with Chile and Mexico, as they will with us once the agreement is signed,” declared de Hostos.

Among the benefits of any potential binational agreement, he highlighted that there would be Free Trade Agreement That it will not only be economic, but will include, in addition to the immigrant part, a cultural and auxiliary part, “which is important for the Dominican Republic.”

“The economic part is what emerges (from a treaty), the abolition of tariffs, but that was in the past. Now we have to look, in the 21st century, at the great cultural advantages that there might be,” he said.

President Kanshmurd revealed that discussions on the treaty are in their initial stage, after signing a memorandum of understanding prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing talks to begin.

He explained that discussions started in the past, but there were obstacles and then the arrival of the pandemic virus.

“For now, this path (of discussions) is being taken again and I see that the two economies are complementary to each other. It is very suitable for the Dominican Republic a Free Trade Agreement With Canada and vice versa,” de Hostos said.

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