Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson, Gabriel Borek’s Little Table Names | Cabinet of the next Chilean government

Representatives Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson, who led the student protests in 2011 alongside the president-elect Gabriel BorekThe new ministers will be the General Secretariat of the Government and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, respectively. the The president-elect presented his cabinet on Friday.

Both positions have ministerial rank and They are part of the Political Committee, together with the Interior, Treasury and Social Development in recent years. The next government has already decided to change the composition of this committee, entering the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality, which will be responsible for Alexandra Orellana (32 years old), activist from the sector of social convergence founded by Borek. They will also be in that area Izkia Siches (internal) s Mario Marcel (hacienda).

Forged in student mobilization against Pinera

During the campaign, I took pictures of Jackson (34), Vallejo (33) and Borek (35) in their school years, during Protests against President Sebastian Pinera For free, high-quality education.

Borek celebrated Friday the appointment of Vallejo, which he admitted to “Your travel companion” in his political life. For his part, Jackson is the MP closest to Borek and they were even roommates in Valpara√≠so for some time at the start of his parliamentary career.

The three political figures born of the protests served in the current legislature as deputies. Jackson was elected legislator in 2018 for Democratic Renewal, a sector within the Broad Front, while Vallejo is a Communist Party deputy.

left block I agree to dignity Which won the elections in December of this year is made up of the Broad Front and the Communist Party.

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Who is Camila Vallejo, the new spokeswoman for the Chilean government

Camila Vallejo Geographical from the University of Chile and Before serving as vice president, she was president of the Students’ Union of the University of Chile (Date) 2011. In his two terms in the legislature, his performance in Gender and education issues.

After the appointment, the government spokesperson mentioned who it would be We are proud to have a majority of women in the CabinetThis is also reflected in the Political Committee. Although he still has less than two months left before taking office, this morning he made his first announcement as part of the government: The Ministry of Social Development is leaving the Political Committee and entering the Ministry of Women.

Who is Giorgio Jackson, the new head of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic?

And Borek celebrated during the ceremony by saying: “In the Secretariat of the Ministry there will be hard and difficult work, with a balanced parliament, but I have no doubt that it will be up to the task, I welcome my colleague Giorgio Jackson.”

Jackson Industrial Civil Engineer from Pontifical Catholic University. Like Vallejo, he was a leader of student organizations that reached President of the Students’ Union of the Catholic University of Chile (FEUC).

After leaving the student stage in 2012, he launched the political movement democratic revolution, one of the founding parties for the Broad Front bloc. In his new position in the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, one of his main tasks will be to serve as a bridge between the executive and legislative branches.

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