Cafiero visited a women’s cooperative working to expand its production

Yumba – based in Bahía Blanca – won the “Export Award” in 2021 and joined the “Export Challenge” program of the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (Aaici).

Maleza, for its part, is a cooperative since 2017 that produces natural cosmetics, with organic ingredients and in a sustainable way, and employs 46 women, some of whom are from Villa 20 and Ciudad Oculta, and is committed to interconnection and connection. With similar pledges.

And they confirmed in a statement that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accompanied Bahia Blanca in international exhibitions and business agendas, and it reached new markets, which led to an increase in internal and external demand for its products, and thus increased its production through association with the cooperative.”

The Minister of International Economic Relations, Cecilia Todesca Bocco, also attended the tour of the Maliza Cooperative, located in the Villa Lugano neighborhood of Buenos Aires; Under Secretary for Trade and Investment Promotion, Guillermo Meredez, President of the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade, Juan Osandevaras; Collaboration Coordinator, Julia Arghani; and Yumba founder, Guillermina Esmoris.

In this context, Cafiero highlighted that it is a popular economy cooperative “that was associated with Yumba, which was part of the State Department’s export programs, gained markets in more than 20 countries and today is in this strategic association. An interesting synergy is created when it comes to adding production operations , but essentially adds productive capacity and job creation.”

For her part, the President of Yumba noted, “This year the brand has seen a great growth thanks to exports with the contribution of some programs from the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I saw the need to rethink production, so I listened to the interview. I did it with the members of this cooperative. It seemed like a very exciting project for me. me and decided to contact them and propose the production of resins.”

“We now produce together and export to more than 20 countries,” Esmores added.

Yumba already sells its resins in the United States, Canada, Norway, Austria, and Australia, among other destinations.

This year it has also managed to enter Mexico, Brazil and Chile with its product and is preparing orders for Japan and France.

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