Businessman Daniel Villa confirmed that Macri has extorted me via WhatsApp

Businessman Daniel Villa spoke about ex-president Mauricio Macri

Specifically, it accuses him of attempting to maintain a radio frequency “without payment”, in relation to a legal dispute between the National State and Supercanal Arlink, which at the time was owned by Vila.

In statements to the news channel C5NThe businessman questioned the authorship of the book by the former president and said that in any case he had not read it. He said, “It seems unnecessary to read it, because I don’t think Macri’s book will contribute anything.”.

He also confirmed that by following the management method that concluded in 2019, Macri pressured me and filed a criminal complaint.He added, “He sent (the former minister) Agwad to file a criminal complaint.” He stressed that “it is the Macri government that pressured me the most.”

After he said that “Macri blackmailed me via WhatsApp,” Villa said, “There is always the same procedure, meaning pressure on justice to get something he wants,” and said he was not surprised by the official pressure he was subjected to. The Indalou Group During the macrismo. “I am not surprised by the pressure that Indalu has received,” he stressed..

On the other hand, shareholder Grupo América asserted that Macri “has terminated his management very poorly” and He made “mistakes for which we are still paying,” and in this sense he said that “it will be difficult for us to forget the debts of the International Monetary Fund.”.

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