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Learn about the profile of new leaders who will reach important positions in companies and other entities that have a presence in Colombia.

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February 17, 2022 – 06:15 pm.



Thirty, Solestica and the National Commission for Judicial Discipline They recently announced changes to their organizations, with the appointment of leaders within their companies.

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Seek these adjustments and repositioning Facing new corporate challenges.

The portfolio below shows the profiles of the new leaders and trade appointments in the last few days:



Jorge RiosAn expert in marketing and user retention in Latin America, appointed as Head of Growth of Treinta, a 100% free Colombian app, small business ally and promoter in the region.
Jorge is a Business Administration Professional from the University of Colorado, specializing in Marketing and Business Management from the Graduate School of the University of San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru. and MA in Marketing Growth and Automation from IEBS Business School, Spain.

During his vast experience, he has held important positions in the field of marketing for multinational companies. He held the position of Marketing Director at Niubiz, where he led the field of growth marketing and digital channel offering; Head of Digital Marketing and Growth at Banco Falabella, focusing on the growth of digital sales of various products; Digital Project Development Manager at SYNC Digital Lab, focusing on attracting potential customers through digital marketing with the goal of increasing brand recognition; and Director of Product Development at Doktuz, among others.

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“I am convinced that every effort we make to impact the lives of a small entrepreneur means impacting the lives of entire families and those they love most, and giving them the chance to have a more promising future. Imagine this multiplied by 50 million small entrepreneurs worldwide from Latin America , as we, along with my entire team, strive to make an impact on a daily basis,” added Jorge Rios.

Jorge Rios



Jessica Ponce de Leon The position of the new CEO of Solistica, the main strategic business of Mexican business leader FEMSA, has been announced.

After a successful career of nearly a decade at Coca Cola FEMSA, where she held positions such as Corporate Director for Organizational Effectiveness, Distribution Director in Mexico and Director of Commercial Operations for Brazil, Jessica Ponce de León was invited to Solistica, a company belonging to the Strategic Business Division of FEMSA in Latin America, to direct its transportation solutions operations, and just two years later, was appointed General Manager for one of the most important providers of 3PL integrated logistics solutions in the region.

Ponce de Leon She is not only the first CEO within the organization to conquer a traditional male sector with her career and experience, but she also leads a massive regional supply chain integrator that provides transportation, distribution, warehousing and vehicle maintenance. Logistics services in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Brazil, with nearly 24,000 collaborators and more than 4,000 customers.

“This is to certify that strategic positions in our organization are filled by people who meet and exceed the expectations for which they were elected, without discrimination on the basis of gender or any other type of inclusion. In particular, we place great importance on the development of human talent and capabilities and will continue to work to ensure that That we paint it right, that we create the ideal career paths for people and accompany them in their development so that they achieve their greatest potential and stay with us during the sustainable growth of the business.”confirms to the new CEO of Solistica on her appointment.

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Jessica Ponce de Leon, the new CEO of Solistica.


National Judicial Discipline Commission

Faqih Raizal, Claudia Johanna Mesa Britton, She was appointed an associate justice of the National Commission for Judicial Discipline, a body that replaced the Judicial Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, set up by the Senate of the Republic.

Maesa Britton Born in San Luis de since, and of Raizal (Island of Providencia) descent, served as Senior Adviser to the Sub-Directorate of Contracts at the Institute for Planning and Promotion of Unconnected Territories – IPSE, Senior Adviser to the Human Resources Division of the Senate of the Republic, Senior Adviser to the Government of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina , to refer to some of her recent posts.

He is a specialist in International Cooperation for Development from the University of San Buenaventura in agreement with the University of Pavia in Italy, a specialist in Government Contracting from the University of Externado in Colombia and an MA in Human Rights and Law of Armed Conflict. He assumed duties in the office of Judge Carlos Arturo Ramirez Vázquez.

Al-Faqih took office on February 15, 2022.

“I thank God in the first place for giving me the opportunity to attain this new position. It gives me great pride to represent my Rizal ethnic group wherever I am,” The judge indicated.

Claudia Mesa Britton, Razel's attorney on the Judicial Disciplinary Committee


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