Bukele repeats his confrontational speech against the United States

San Salvador. The Salvadoran president criticized Joe Biden’s words about the US relationship with Latin America.

El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, on Saturday added elements of his confrontational rhetoric against the US government. This is after he posted on social media that El Salvador is “not anyone’s backyard or front yard”.

This phrase came in response to US President Joe Biden’s speech on Friday marking his first year in office, in which he said that Latin America is “unlike the United States” in an analogy to the condition of equality between both regions.

“We are not anyone’s backyard, or anyone’s front yard. We can be friends, allies, and neighbors. But we are not their property, and we don’t need to upgrade to a ‘front yard,” the Salvadoran president wrote on his Twitter account. Twitter Attached is a short video of Biden’s conference.

When we talked in college, we talked about America’s backyard. It’s nothing, everything south of the border with Mexico is the front yard of the United States, we’re the same,” the US president said in the video cited by Bukele.

Bukele’s statement joins the list of situations that led to the “stop” of relations between the two countries, according to the former Chargé d’Affairs of the United States Embassy in El Salvador, Jan Manes.

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Since the 1st post. May 2021, after the dismissal of five judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, as well as the Attorney General of the Republic, without this being done in accordance with the established constitutional procedures.

After the decisions of the Governing Legislative Assembly, the US government requested the restoration of constitutional order in the country, without being so welcomed by the authorities.

Subsequently, the executive branch criticized the inclusion of officials close to Bukele’s circle on a list of corrupt and anti-democratic actors, known as Engel’s List, which there were indications that they were prepared for political purposes.

“Everything south of the border with Mexico is the front yard of the United States, we’re the same.”

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