Bryce Dallas Howard deplores Jurassic World’s salary gap

The actual amount they earned is unknown. Bryce Dallas Howard s Chris Pratt by jurassic worldalthough in 2018 diverse I mentioned that the actress Win 2 million dollars less than his partner. but that wage gap It will be bigger.

“The information published was very interesting because I was getting paid much less than what the media said. The translator said while promoting the arrival of her film during the broadcast.

The protagonist was also known Guardians of the Galaxy He earned $10 million for this movie, so they put the star’s salary at $8 million. Although the amount would be lower, the actress did not reveal the exact number either.

About the wage gap jurassic worldBryce Dallas Howard confirmed that she had Chris Pratt’s support at all times and that he mediated her negotiations.

He literally told me: Don’t worry, I’ll do all the negotiations. They’ll pay us the same amount, and you shouldn’t even think about it.”

One of the reasons the salary situation has been complicated, he said, is that in 2014 they had to sign on to produce three films, “so the salaries are really flat.”

The situation for the actress improved, as she admitted that she was paid more thanks to the intervention of her partner.

“I’ve paid more for this kind of thing than any other movie,” he said.

The wage gap in jurassic world It surprises the followers of the saga, who made it one of the most successful trios with a collection of more than a billion dollars.

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