Brown: A new science space has opened at the House of Culture

Acting Catering at Almirante Brown, John Fabiani Mariano Cascalares and Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of Buenos Aires, August Costa, they opened “Click” In the House of Culture, where students and members of the productive sector in the region will have an approach to the knowledge economy and the world of digitalization and data production.

The new space is being promoted by a tripartite agreement between the municipality, which provides logistics, and Guillermo Brown National University, which focuses on Training, production portfolio, science and technology innovation in the province.

Seeking initiative Promote scientific activity directed at human development, encourage technological careers among young people, and increase literacy in the field of data science and reflect on current uses of science and technology.

“In this space, various activities will be developed with the schools and also with the productive sector to promote the democracy of knowledge and the generation of technological knowledge in accordance with the world in which we live,” said Mariano Cascalaris.

Juan FabianiMeanwhile, he thanked the detailed work with the provincial Ministry of Production, Science and Technology Innovation for follow-up “Promoting Teaching and Learning in Technological Matters”.

Finally, Costa assured him “The joy of launching a new space, this time at Almirante Brown, as the program seeks to strengthen research and innovation capabilities so that more and more people from Buenos Aires can access it and get training.”

The implementation of CLIC Almirante Brown will allow to unify the objectives of education, production and vocational training in the municipality, together with the National University of Guillermo Brown.

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The activity was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for the Province of Buenos Aires, Federico Aguero; school council president, Mary Martha Silvathe local secretary of education, science and technology, Sergio Pianciola.

Also present was the Secretary of Production and Vocational Training, Federico Sassoon. Head of the District Education Department, Maria Ines Centurion, and Extension Secretary of Guillermo Brown National University, Ignacio Gautuchenko, among other authorities.

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