Bronco Lara brings it up against the English; Wood goes, then Warrington

Before that First defence your title feather affiliate World Boxing Association (AMB), which will be validated against the British Lee Wood In the Manchester SquareAnd Mauricio “Bronco” Lara We can’t help but talk about it Josh Warrington.

And he stings him too british boxerwho had already defeated him once as well United kingdomI went from a sports challenge to a personal disputebecause, in addition, they had them on both sides Unfortunate behaviour.

In fact, during the press conference, the last to face his fight against the one who stripped him of the belt he now owns, The same woodnaturally Lara He was asked about his rivalry with Warrington.

Like I said, it’s all a sport, but with him I have it Suspended accountswhat are they beyond sports; With Leigh Wood I already know Smooth jagged edges“.

Why the Broncos and Warrington rivalry?

runner Aztec fighter It started with the Brits when they met for the second time, and ended in a brawl bondbecause the first claimed unfitnessafter presenting the discount a Cut by header who gave it to him, and then promised ends his career.

Then, when Wood took off, Warrington I was in first grade and they had a word exchange that ended in an a Bronco spitAnd their teams enter to reassure everything.

“Sure (who wants a new fight with Warrington). This Personal issue I have with him and move on.

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