British journalist loses World Cup debut ‘with a broken heart’

As unofficial chairman, and sole member, of the London branch of…Buenos Aires Hurling Rugby Club fan club. (I’ll explain more on this in a bit) I have mixed feelings about their big rugby match Englandand my country, and Pumas For the World Championships starting in France.

I admire almost everything Argentinian. Two years of working with the editorial team at Clarion They allowed me to deeply appreciate their great country. I went back to London Knowing how to cook a good steak, choosing a decent Malbec, enthusiastically thanking the waiter (thanks, Vieira!) for the excellent bottle of Quilmes Stout he just poured, and also learning some wise phrases. For example: “Daddy the monkey with the green banana? No dear… No, no!”

But I’m also a fan English rugbyNo matter how difficult it is in these difficult first days of an era Steve Borthwick. And should our terrible losing streak continue in Marseille, it will at least comfort me to know that my friends in Buenos Aires will be happy.

Some may be surprised to know that United kingdom There is great affection for Argentina, especially in London, where the light blue and white colors of Messi’s national team shirt have become fashionable.

Argentina and England, a rivalry full of history. Photography: Reuters/Marcus Brindici.

send us Their best cut of meat For the Argentinian restaurant crowd, it is also very appreciated, although I have never seen anyone here chopping meat with a spoon as they do in the wonderful Buenos Aires grill “La Brigada”.

Fortunately, during my stay in Argentina, I never felt so welcome, and I made wonderful and lasting friendships there. Which brings me to Hurling Rugby Club Hurlingham, B.A.

My friend and former Hurling striker, Claren’s former commercial director, Thomas Salvagni, took me there one afternoon. Tommy’s first passion was him familyBut I have the impression that Herling was watching closely.

I respect.  Legends Jonny Wilkinson, Richard Hill, Mark Regan and Kieran Bracken, world champions with England in 2003. Photo: AFP.I respect. Legends Jonny Wilkinson, Richard Hill, Mark Reagan and Kieran Bracken, world champions with England in 2003. Photo: AFP.

That Saturday I had lunch with him and his boys in the clubhouse, which might have been plucked from its fields Ireland It is populated by a crowd of big-hearted Italians who speak Spanish. We watched the game, had some beers, and ate some choripan. It was awesome.

On the way back downtown, I remember Tommy telling me he was thinking of doing hurling training. I just gave a presentation to Claren’s management on the Great Cycling Coach Theory Dave Brailsford About “accumulating marginal gains” – how to try to improve everything a little bit on the basis that all these small improvements will make a big difference overall.

We talked about it and I remember Tommy behind the wheel of his Land Cruiser nodding at first and saying “This might work for ejaculation.”.

Tommy is no longer with us. But I hope the ‘big guy’ somewhere is watching everything, and if Los Pumas beat my team tomorrow, I’ll raise a glass from his. black mark Favorites to congratulate you: Congratulations, Vieira!

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