British experts arrive who will train local instructors – Barranquilla’s mayor, private, industrial and port district

Rugby for social inclusion: British experts arrive to train local coaches

Thomas Carter, Jack Sugden and Shaun Heath, professors at the University of Brighton, will train the coaches for the L’Equipe Deportivo project, an alliance between the Barranquilla Provincial Sheriff’s Office and the French Development Agency (AFD).
On March 29, 30 and 31, theoretical and practical training will take place in the facilities of the Edgar Rentería Stadium and the Julio Torres Modern Stadium.
20 places will be enabled with free registration for city coaches who want to take part in this training.

The L’Equipe Deportivo project, an alliance between the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office, through the Minister of Recreation and Sports, and the French Development Agency (AFD), has started its training process for coaches through the “Rugby 4” Peace Camp, obtained his PhD from the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom, It was organized by the Buen Punto Foundation.

The aim of this alliance is to use rugby and boxing, through free activities, as promoters of social inclusion through sport in the neighborhoods of Pinar del Río, Villas de San Pablo, La Chineta, La Playa (descalzos pies) and La Ciudadela 20d. Julio (Pibe Valderrama Sports Unit), rugby; While boxing will be held in Las Nieves and at the Helmut Bellingrodt Sports Training Center located in the Metropolitano Stadium.

The Minister of Recreation and Sports, Grabel Berdugo, stated that during these years of governance “it has always been necessary for our coaches to receive training so that they can perform better and train children and youth in values ​​and discipline for the future of our city.”

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During the days 29, 30 and 31 March, the trainers of this project will have the opportunity to be trained by British professors from the University of Brighton, to turn them into carriers of values ​​and skills for life, for the benefit of 500 boys and girls, between the ages of 6 and 14, who will participate in L’Equipe Deportivo, With the aim of promoting peaceful coexistence and resolving conflicts around the world through sports.

The trainers’ classes will take place from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm in two ways: a theoretical one, with the facilities of the Édgar Rentería Stadium, and the practical one, which will take place on the Julio Torres Modern Stadium.

Similarly, Berdugo stated that additional openings will be opened for city coaches to join this learning space. “We invite the Barranquilla training community to take advantage of this great opportunity and to sign up for this camp.”

In this sense, in addition to the seven coaches who are part of the L’Equipe Deportivo project, and who will receive this training, 20 free places will be enabled for Barranquilla coaches interested in participating in this camp. You can register through the following link:

On completion of the course, attendees will be certified by the University of Brighton in the ‘Rugby 4 Peace’ Level 1 methodology.

British trainers

The teachers for this camp will be British Thomas Carter, Director of Rugby 4 Peace since 2017 and Professor at the University of Brighton since 2006. Carter has researched the role of sport in building peace in conflict-separated societies.

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Jack Sugden, who has worked for 10 years with sport as a tool for development and peacebuilding. He has directed, coordinated and researched various projects in Israel, South Africa, West Africa, Jordan, Northern Ireland and Fiji. He is a founding member of the Action for Refugees network and an experienced participant in mixed martial arts ethnographies. In addition to his interest in researching sports, power and politics, he has also worked continuously on sports for social change through the organization “Football 4 Peace Internacional” and the Colombian Ministry of Sports.

And finally, Shaun Heath, who has been a research assistant and coach at Rugby 4 Peace since 2018. He holds a PhD from the University of Brighton and currently works as an independent school and sport development consultant with organizations based in Germany, the UK and Norway. His research has examined the effects of social inclusion and training and learning practices with children and youth athletes.

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