Britain will send more launchers and guided missiles to Ukraine

Through an official statement, The British Ministry of Defense announced on August 11 that it will send more artillery and guided missile systems to Ukraine soon.. In turn, the portfolio reports that progress is being made on a plan to provide support to Ukraine for the next year 2023 and beyond for as long as necessary.

The UK Defense Minister himself, Ben Wallace, was announced. in this way, Ukraine will soon receive an additional M270 . missile artillery system. At the same time, They noted that they will be equipped with M31A1 guided missiles, which can hit targets located at a distance of 80 kilometers.a.

These new batches of military equipment destined for Ukraine are in addition to those already sent in June, which have already been deployed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This was confirmed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine himself, Oleksiy Reznikov, on August 12. The official, through his official Twitter account, expressed the arrival of more M270 missile artillery systems to the country for use on the battlefield.

For its part, UK support is no longer limited to the shipment of new weapons systems. newly, It was officially announced that a total of 10,000 Ukrainian infantry would be trained. Other countries have also joined this initiative, such as: Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. that will join the scheduled training.

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About M270:

The M270 is a heavy track multiple launch rocket system. Its first copies began service with the United States Army in 1983. Among its main characteristics, it can be flown by C-17 Globemaster III and C-5 Galaxy aircraft of the United States Air Force (USAF). Currently, it is used as a means of carrying out anti-battery fire tasks against enemy artillery units, as well as for carrying out defensive saturation attacks or against lightly armored vehicles and gathering forces.

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