Bridgerton beat Covid and got back in the ring

Although the release date is not known yet, Netflix fans are assured of two more seasons. Along with the news of season two, they also confirmed that Bridgerton will get a third and a quarter.

What will the new season be about?

Forbidden novels, conspiracies, and an arc of enemies for lovers were the focus of Bridgerton’s first season. In addition to meeting each character and their struggles, the main plot focused on the love/hate between Daphne – the fourth sister of the Bridgerton family – and the Duke of Hastings, a bachelor known for being a womanizer who is deeply reluctant to marry.

But, as mentioned earlier, the books that inspired the series are divided in a very special way: each volume follows a brother’s life.

The second season stars Anthony, the controversial older brother. The young heir to the position of “man of the house” does not know how to occupy this place and ends up affecting his decisions more on his family.

A womanizer, partying and madly in love with a (hardcore) opera singer, Anthony comes under fire during the first season. But in this sequel, bent on honoring his sisters and their mother, the Bridgertons’ eldest son will search for the perfect couple to marry.

This adventure and multiple drama of the relationship between Daphne and the Duke and the discovery of the mysterious Lady Weseldon are just some of the conflicts that can be seen on screen during 2022.

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