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This past weekend, in the capital of Veracruz, it was First National Chess Championship Which brought together more than 600 competitors from different countries, even from other countries.

Participate in this contest Current 11-year-old National Champion, Brian Abimail Salas, Originally from the municipality of Coatzintla.

How did Brian Abimael Salas’ history in chess begin?

His presence was highlighted and acknowledged, because in his youth he was a genius in the so-called “science-sport”; He was accompanied by his father, Abimael Salas Cerrón, who spoke to Diario de Xalapa about his son’s career, as well as what he needed to participate in an international competition.

“My son wants to be a world champion, in fact he has the support to participate in the international tournament that will be in Canada and we hope to get the support of the authorities so that we can attend the event,” The proud father said.

He was connected to the powers of Coatzintla Then they will call us and now we are waiting for that. We don’t have a date for this event yet, but it will be this year.As he claimed.

The taste for chess says that his son was born at the age of 4 And when he downloaded a game on the Internet, when he started playing it, he immediately developed the skills that took him to the Casa de Cultura with teacher Oscar, in charge of the “Club Pedagógico de Coatziltla”, where he began his path to success.

He currently says that Brian Abimael has 7 years of playing discipline that you already know what it means to participate in international events; One of them was in Villahermosa, Tabasco, in 2012, where he finished fourth, until he tied for third.

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What other tournaments will Brian Abimael participate in?

Now he’s a qualifier for the National Games that will be taking place in Tabasco soon, so he’s on solid preparation, because his son says he wants the gold.

before participating in National Championship in Xalapa, The kid was part of an international open tournament, developed in the country’s capital, based in Los Pinos, where he was the only Veracruz to lift his class crown.

In the said event, he appeared with the “Club Pedagógico de Coatziltla”, and was the most prominent, not only in his group, but also at the national and international level, defeating important rivals.

After competing in Xalapa and getting endorsements to launch internationally in Canada, the boy’s father, a student at Ninos Heroes School in the Kawatzen sub-district, said, “We are currently running lotteries, selling food, and selling produce to make a mattress to make this trip.” That, he will go to the Conade National Games and be paid for, leaving Veracruz there, but from Poza Rica to Veracruz we have to pay the expenses and we have to pay our expenses ourselves,” he said.

However, he comments that the effort he puts in to get their son to keep moving forward is worth it, as seeing him happy and continuing with what he loves is their greatest satisfaction.

“I hope that the authorities support my son and that he can attend tournaments outside the country, and that they also continue to help others, because they want to represent the state and Mexico,” comment.

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Finally, Abimael Salas told his son, “That he still desires it, just as he has hitherto done, I hope and hope that he will continue to achieve good results, and I believe he will be so because of his diligence and diligence.”

The young chess player was, from April 4 to 9, part of the 2023 International Open Championship with the “Educational Chess Club” in Los Pinos. He was the most special and attended with the support of the team mentor, Master scar, who is responsible for giving all children a good start with local and national events.

They were also able to participate, thanks to the support of parents, however, they hope that the authorities will look more at the chess boys and girls who will always strive to represent Veracruz in national and international events as Brian Abimail Salas is currently doing, the most advanced kid in the club and the best nationally in his class.

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