Brazil will implement a booster vaccine and reduce the time between doses

Brazil will start to run Booster Vaccines Against COVID-19 For some groups from mid-September, to join the plan of countries such as United States and Chile who plan to use the overdose to contain the virus.

Preferably reinforcement Pfizer Inc. , the Ministry of Health said Wednesday in a series of tweets. The effort will focus on people over 70 who have been vaccinated for more than six months, as well as those who have been vaccinated. They have an immunodeficiency. Vaccines Johnson & Johnson y AstraZeneca The ministry said that PLC could be used as alternatives. Did not mention the authorities CoronaVac de Sinovac Biotech, which has been used frequently in Brazil but has lower efficacy rates.

The study supports the use of a third booster dose in immunosuppressed people

As announced by the officials Shorten the interval between the first and second doses to eight weeks, from the current 12For both AstraZeneca and Pfizer’s vaccine, which is likely to speed up the country’s vaccination campaign. Longest gap, has essentially applied at least one vaccine to 60.7% of its population, a rate comparable to that of the US, only 26% of people received both doses, nearly half the USA level

The urgent need to achieve full immunization and Publish a booster vaccine It has increased globally as governments struggle to stem the spread of the delta type, a more contagious strain of the coronavirus that has led to rising numbers of infections in countries from Israel to Mexico.


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