Brazil: The last rallies before the elections | While Lula is walking down Paulista Avenue, Bolsonaro will be driving a motorbike convoy

from Sao Paulo

Today the city will be dominated by two mobilizations that will coexist almost simultaneously A glimpse of what could happen tomorrow, but after the outcome of the presidential election. on one side, Bolsonaro cyclistswith their leader at the head Motorcycle – That’s why they call the president’s favorite show here – they will meet in Campo de Bagatelle, in the Santana district. Almost at the military target hours. Starting at 7 am.

Seven kilometers from that green space, where a monument to the Santos Dumont 14 Pace stands, Lula supporters will gather at 2100 Paulista Avenue, on the corner of Augusta Street. They will join the march of action that will be chaired by the supreme leader of the Workers’ Party, the candidate for governor of the state of São Paulo and former presidential candidate Fernando Haddad, and the doctor who completes the formula presented as the winner. In all opinion polls, Geraldo Alckmin.

Fear in the streets

It is feared that there will be crosses between supporters of the motorcyclist president, Labor and the left. The automated official rally will begin at 10:22. Why at that strange time? Because the list of military 22. Madness in the language of blessing. He will accompany the far-right politician Tarcisio de Freitasa blacksmith rival to the governor of São Paulo – and an astronaut Mark Pontes, Two former ministers of Bolsonaro. Motorcycles, almost a parody of a military parade, will go for a ride to another plaza, Armando de Salles Oliveira, next to Ibirapuera Park, the largest green lung of this capital. Bolsonaro’s agenda will continue in Joinville starting at noon, a city in the state of Santa Catarina, where the current president will have to change transportation. São Paulo is 520 km from this southern city.

Less ambitious would be the careers of the Labor candidates and their allies. They will coexist among the people, each face to face, as seen these days before the elections, in the campaign and on foot. One of Lula’s allies, Guilherme PaulsThe left marshal of the PSOL (Party of Socialists and Freedom) signed autographs and took pictures at the gates of Casper Libero University, also in Paulista, on Thursday noon. Today everyone will gather at 10 o’clock at a more central point, the scene of the major marches for and against Bolsonaro in these four years of the paramilitary mandate. Here they say “they are fatu”. or facts. And one alone is enough to confirm it. The president colonized the various levels of the state with military personnel in key locations until they reached 6,175 in 2021. The data comes from the Court of Union Accounts (TCU).


At 6:00 pm, the latest survey of IPEC, the consultancy whose services Globo Group distributes, will be published. If the trend of previous polls continues, even with small percentage changes, everything indicates that the possibility of Lula winning in the first round will remain. In any scenario, with or without a ballot scheduled for October 30, the uncertainty of the election has carried over to the consequences of its outcome. Voting closes tomorrow at 5:00 PM and results are expected to be available at 8:00 PM. or at most 21.

Campaign specialists consulted by this historian point out that it can delay the resolution of a critical problem in electronic polls. If Bolsonaro’s political future ends on the second Sunday or if it continues until the end of the month. They are very confident in Labor that the first will happen. Many items can identify this example. The number of valid votes, the percentages of abstentions, but above all the installed fear in a society aware of how the appearance of the streets has changed. Today they are much more violent. The recent political assassinations unfortunately prove that.

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