Brazil: Strong intersections between Lula and Bolsonaro represent the last debate towards the presidential elections

brazilian president, Jair BolsonaroThe former leftist president Lola da Silva transformer The last debate is heading to the presidential elections on Sunday in an episodeon a night marked by The accusations of the candidates and a few proposals crossed.

The corruption allegations between the two were one of the hottest moments of the night at Globo TV studios, where The best applicants were placed in the surveys They grabbed the start of the debate at a crossroads with three requests for a right of reply.

The former leftist president criticized the current president, accusing him of doing so Alleged corruption in the procurement of vaccines against Covid-19After being confronted by the current president A millionaire leaked into the Petrobras oil company during the Labor government (PT) (2003-2016).

President Jair BolsonaroMarcelo Cello – AFP

“The [por Bolsonaro] Want to refer me to a criminal group? You have to look in the mirror and see what is going on in your governmentsaid Lula, who described the accusations against him as “crazy.”

The former president, who underwent training two days before the debate, was more effective in responding to accusations of corruption than he was in the first debate.

Immediately, Bolsonaro requested a right of reply and raised the tone even more against Lula.

Liar, ex-prisoner, traitor to the country (…) Stop lying, Lola. The President replied: There was nothing in my government.

After the attacks, Lula requested a new right of reply, granted by Globo production.

Former President and Presidential Candidate Lula da Silva
Former President and Presidential Candidate Lula da SilvaNelson Almeida – AFP

On October 2, The city will bring you home. I’m going to decree what this man wants to hide for 100 years,” provoked the former Labor Party (PT) chief, prompting Bolsonaro’s shouts from the microphone.

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The intersections between Lula and Bolsonaro took all the limelight in a debate in which eHe overshadowed the rest of the five presidential candidates.

Bolsonaro mentioned this in another right later in the reply Lula was convicted of corruption in three different cases of justiceHe said he had regained his political rights thanks to the presence of a “little friend” in the Federal Supreme Court.

The president had the Brazilian Workers’ Party presidential candidate, Father Calemon, who, as an ally, accused Lula of wanting to persecute Christians like the president of Nicaragua, Daniel OrtegaFrom He described him as a “friend” of the left.

Later, having the opportunity to ask Lula in a hand-to-hand exchange, Bolsonaro avoided direct confrontation, opting for the Novo party’s candidate, the Liberal. Louis Philippe Davilawho spoke to him in a friendly tone and they concluded that The return of the left to power would be a “disaster”..

Luiz Philippe Davila (Novo)
Luiz Philippe Davila (Novo)Miguel Shencarol – Agence France-Presse

Lula, who presided over Brazil from 2003 to 2010, struggled to slip into the night, lost his composure and led a heated debate with Quimon, who asked for explanations for allies involved in corruption cases, while the mediator asked the two to take a breath to resume the debate.

Between fights and the leading role of Lula and Bolsonaro, The rest of the presidential candidates have been blacked out.

center left Cyrus GomezIn third place in the polls, Labor chose the preferred target and He said Lula’s election would “go back to the past”While Senator Simon Tibet Bolsonaro has been accused of allowing the highest level of deforestation in the Amazon in 15 years.

Cerro Gomez (PDT)
Cerro Gomez (PDT)Miguel Shencarol – Agence France-Presse

Due to its close proximity to the first round and the Globo audience, the debate was considered crucial in the previous round by the campaigns of Lula and Bolsonaro, who were seen as the last great example of influencing voters.

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Lula attempted to obtain a so-called “helpful” vote, with the expectation that the election would conclude in the first round.. for this part, Bolsonaro pleads to weaken the Labor candidate to try to increase their rejection and Force a second round On October 30.

new survey of datafolha Published this Thursday, hours before the debate, Lula got 50% of the valid votes and Bolsonaro 36%, leaving the possibility of the Labor leader winning in the first round on Sunday.

Simon Tibbett (MDB)
Simon Tibbett (MDB)Miguel Shencarol – Agence France-Presse

Lula should get more than half of the valid votes – null and blank – which is a number he will reach today Within the margin of error, according to datafolha.

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