Brazil and Uruguay seek to open their economies and challenge the Argentine agenda in Mercosur – economic, financial and business news

An alarm signal lit up in the government when he learned that the heads of state Brazil s Uruguay Promote business negotiations outside Mercosur, In an open confrontation with the current regulatory framework of the Customs Union that both countries share with Argentina Paraguay.

This Wednesday, the President of Uruguay Louis Lacal Beau A visit known to Brasilio, Bolsonaro’s neighborAnd a proposal was discussed Make the business more flexible With other countries without losing Mercosur membership, which will soon be in effect for 30 years.

“The next step in the modern world is flexibility so that every country can, by belonging, move forward.”The president of Uruguay confirmed during a press conference he had held with Bolsonaro before leaving Planalto Palace.

Actually, Brazil and Uruguay seek to break the negotiation plan In general, this has been a bonus since 2000 in the Customs Union, which stipulates that any reduction in import tariffs can occur only with the consent of all partners.

However, Argentina refuses to “pierce” the AEC, which the rest of the partners have sought to conduct a general review with the aim of preferring to lower it and lower import prices, without anticipating the effect on you of the productive network.

The government prioritizes exports to emerging markets and forwards trade agreements

Openness to a future Mercosur It will undoubtedly be a topic for discussion among the heads of state during a face-to-face meeting they are expected to hold on March 26th, as the 30-year-old celebrations are being planned.

The government, with another agenda

This wednesday, Alberto Fernandez Hold a videoconference with the Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio CostaAs president for the time Mercosur, while the Portuguese are doing so in his role as rotating leader of the European Council.

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Fernandez and Costa took up pending issues to open the commercial chapter of the Mercosur-Strategic Partnership Agreement Unin Europea, when France It still maintains a veto on the treaty and is demanding clauses guaranteeing better environmental standards and more animal health demands.

In parallel, the chancellor summoned the ambassadors of European Union countries in Buenos Aires to anticipate the agenda against which the government is facing the Mercosur presidency. Contrary to the purely economic agenda of the liberal governments governing Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, Argentina wants to strengthen the political and social dimension of the bloc, and for this it aspires to promote the integration agenda of the four countries with more active participation. Companies, unions, academia and civil society.

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