Brazil and Mexico challenged Canada in the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championships.

Galsburg – National Taco Day has come and gone, but every day is good for tacos, right?

Monday was National Taco Day, and national and regional taco chains called it a feast for taco lovers with free or special tacos. But we asked Gilesberg Foods and The Register Mail’s Facebook followers to make a list of their favorite Gilesburg tacos. Also, we asked what makes a good taco: hard or soft shell, and what are the ingredients?

Plus:National Taco Day or Taco Tuesday? Specials continue and award-winning Taco Bell members can try out the new taco.

According to the Knitted Food Holiday website, ate more than 4.5 billion tacos last year, an estimated 490,000 miles. The site says the word for taco is the same as the Mexican word for sandwich. The tortilla, made of corn or wheat, is wrapped or folded around the filling, and is usually made of a spicy protein: beef, pork, or fish.

But who needs tacos?

Fortunately, Galsburg has its fair share of standard Mexican restaurants. Then there are other restaurants serving tacos, some with a unique or ethnic theme.

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