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Over the years, seeing unidentified objects sparkle in the sky became a natural occurrence. In the last days, One of these strange events took place in the middle of the live news.

Jose Luiz Datina, Presenter Brazil Urgent “, On the TV channel Bandeirants Network, The protagonist was involuntary for this episode. After meeting the president Jair Bolsonaro On February 16, the driver noticed on the studio home screen, which showed a panoramic view of São Paulo, what appeared to be UFO Shaped like a cigarette.

As can be seen from the pictures, the item does not look like a plane or a drone. It appears to be moving at high speed, which has led some to suggest it is some kind of spacecraft from another planet. The intrepid Datina decided to resort to talking about the UFO, but to avoid panic among viewers, he said it could be a plane.

“Look at the plane that is passing by.”Datina said he lives. It is a plane or a flying saucer. It couldn’t be a UFO Because when the show starts to talk about a flying saucer, it’s because in the end, it’s already over. So it’s not a flying saucer, it’s a plane. ” warned.

What does the ophthalmology community say

Space experts have shared a live video clip of the UFO, confirming that it is one of the best evidence of extraterrestrial creatures on our planet.. The presenter also shared this strange moment on his Twitter profile, but sarcastically.

“I told the ETs in Brazil Urgent? They say I’ll be from outside the area. “Datina Books. However, there is still no official explanation for what everyone has seen in the news.

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This is how the UFO was seen in the middle of the news

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