Bravely Default will get new installments, but Square Enix will take its time: Don’t expect news soon

The success of his last game showed Square that the franchise is worth continuing.

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Bravely default 2 It turned out to be a huge sales success, Over a million games sold. This Square Enix gave the perfect indication for continue With new delivery. However, don’t expect to see Bravely Default 3 in the coming months, as the company estimates among 3 and 4 yearsto launch the next project.

We feel we can do it again.Tomoya AsanoHe was Tomoya Asano, producer of the saga, who provided the information in Interview. “Bravely Default 2 has been well received by fans and as a result we look forward to continuing the story as we feel we can do it again.”

“However, we are still in the planning stage,” Asano continued. “I suspect it will take another 3-4 years to develop, so hopefully the fans will be patient.”

During the interview, Asano also mentioned that he is considering other ideas for different projects, one of which is possible The third is brave, sequel to Bravely the second: the end of the class. Meanwhile, Bravely Default 2 is now available in . format steamand we leave you Our analysis So you know more about this role-playing game.

While we wait for the new major version of the saga, we remind you that the next one, Bravely default: flashing lights, it will be a free to play game and On the way to mobile devices.

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