Brand New: What is the new WhatsApp functionality and what operating systems does it apply to?

When we talk about WhatsApp, we are undoubtedly referring to an application used by millions of people around the world, whose special functions allow us to communicate from one place to another, no matter where we are.

As a result of the new updates offered by the platform, it has been recognized that the famous “Deleted Messages” can be observed in the same way. Whatsapp set this option so that this message can be deleted when the user regrets it, makes a mistake or simply does not want someone else to read the content. It shows “This message has been deleted”.

But a series of modifications appeared, which, as already mentioned, will allow it to be read in the same way:

– No Apps: Android phone users have an advantage, this OS allows access to notification history. There, messages received in the last 24 hours are stored, although they are deleted. It’s going to be simple: Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings > Notification history.

With apps: Another option for Android users is to install apps on the cell phone that store all WhatsApp data. Among the most famous are WAMR and WhatsAppRemoved +. You have to download it, and when you open it you have to give them access to WhatsApp so that they can, from that moment, start saving the information. After that’s done, when you want to see a deleted message, just go to the app and read the conversation saved there.

iOS Without Apps: For iPhone users, getting this done with an app is a bit more complicated. For this reason, in these cases, it is recommended to use a WhatsApp backup (doing it manually is very easy from Settings > Chats > Backup). At the same time, it is important to check that the last backup is very recent so that the last messages are not lost when accessing them.

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