Boys and girls from Loromania learning about science – Commentary

As part of the activities of summer course subordinate Colima University “Loromanía: Summer Adventure”, and Dr. Nick Farley He gave a lecture “Is our volcano dangerous?” For the girls and boys who attended, he explained what a volcano is, what an eruption looks like and what parts of a volcano are.

Nick FarleyResearch Professor in College of Science subordinate Colima UniversityAlso, tell the children that most of the volcanoes are under water and do not represent a greater danger because they are under the sea, thanks to the water pressure there are no large eruptions.

In an interview, chief volunteer from the University of Colima, Blanca Liliana Diaz VazquezHighlight the importance of inclusion scientific activities for the summer session. In addition to talking about volcanoHe said, there are others on the economic, social and environmental contributions of urban agriculture, on the cells immune systemOver the virus and bacteria, vitamin C, proteins, and the environment, also on paper chromatography.

There was, moreover, fake elections With girls as young as 9, Díaz Vázquez said, “This is so that they know what the electoral process looks like.”

Finally, he added, that there was participation from the members of the College of Marine Sciencesthat’s since chamomile This exhibition came to hold an exhibition on the bones of whales, dolphins and sea turtles, with the aim of enhancing the care of these species, so that they can enjoy a full life, and prevent pollution of their environment.

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