Box Cafe: The best coffee in the world in your inbox

Discover a new coffee every month without even thinking about it?

This is what coffee boxes offer. If you are (like me) an explorer looking for good coffee, the simple idea of ​​receiving coffee of different origins every month and straight into your mailbox should usually appeal to you…

In recent years, subscription boxes have become democratized and it was only a matter of time before we saw coffee boxes appear, to our great pleasure!

If you are hesitant to embark on this adventure, I think this article may decide you to take the plunge! But first, let’s take a closer look at how these subscription cafes work.

Look for the best coffee maker available on the market

How do coffee cans work?

Depending on the brands that offer subscription boxes, you will have more or less possibilities. You will usually be offered a choice between whole bean or ground coffee, but sometimes you will have the option of tailoring the amount of coffee you will have to better suit your needs.

Coffee beans or ground?

Whether you have a coffee grinder or not, nothing will stand between you and coffee boxes! Most brands offer a choice between receiving coffee beans or already ground coffee.

Obviously, you’ll be able to choose the right grind size for your coffee extraction method (ie it adapts to your coffee maker!).

Number of times to send coffee boxes

Most of the time, you will receive your coffee box once a month. But some boxes offer more frequent shipments. Depending on the company you choose, you can choose to receive your coffee every two weeks, for example.

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Coffee quantity

Again, it will depend on the type of fund. Some brands invite you to choose an amount of coffee to receive every month (or every two weeks). You can then choose to receive 250kg of coffee for example or up to 2kg if you drink a lot of coffee.

Other brands focus on finding coffee and roasters. Forts coffee, for example, offers you the opportunity to discover two cups of coffee roasted by a new roaster every month.

You will then get two packages containing coffee of different origins, but roasted by the same craftsman. I especially appreciate this concept, which allows me to highlight the work of the roaster each month.

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