Borderlands 3 emphasizes cross-play for all platforms – except for PlayStation

From Gearbox, they confirmed that neither the PS4 nor the PS5 will have this functionality even though they did not give the reasons.

Borderlands 3 Prepares to update its content and meet players’ demands, with an addition that the community has been demanding for several months. From Gearbox, they confirmed that Action shooter Crossover will be running on all platforms soon. Or in almost all of them; And here comes the bad news if you have a PlayStation console.

He also confirmed on social networks Randy Pitchford, CEO of de GearboxNeither PS4 nor PS5 will receive crossplay in Borderlands. According to the director, the publisher, 2K Games in this case, has requested it Support for this feature removed on PlayStation consoles. Although he was asked to go ahead with the reasons for this decision, Pitchford did not provide further details.

Borderlands 3’s crossover game will be on all platforms except for PlayStationPortals like The Verge suggest that the root of this problem could be rooted in Sony itself and the possible agreements between the Japanese company with Epic Games, the creators of It is an electronic game. Epic itself was required to pay Sony an additional fee to enable crossplay and Tim Sweeney, CEO of the technology company, He said in trial against Apple Sony is the sole owner of the Platform which requires this compensation through gameplay; And 2K will decide to restrict this functionality in order not to overpay.

The latter, as we repeat, are indications of the above-mentioned method which should not reflect what actually happened, at the present time, It did not happen officially. The last thing we know about Gearbox, after this crossplay that will be coming to Borderlands 3 soon, is that they are working on A new game is apparently coming before April 2022.

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