Boomerang Basketball Academy and its goals in the country

From January to date, the Boomerang Basketball Academy is making significant progress in its plans to develop the hoop and ball in the country.

idea Rudy JanaAnd his wife, Amanda Jannah, and the guide of the sports director and the former national team BasketballDerek Baker Lopez It is an opportunity scenario for young players in BasketballThanks to this academy which belongs to the PyHex Foundation which he chairs Rudy Jana.

Within six months, they already had three children associated with the secondary categories of the national teams.

The idea is for Boomerang to be an “annual gaming platform”Basketballsaid Rudy, who visited Diario Lieber with his wife and Baker Lopez

The project was born inspired by the couple’s eldest son Ganna and thanks to many young people now having a window into the sport.

The Boomerang Basketball Academy has great projects, one of which is to take a Dominican team to play in the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU), the Amateur Athletic Association.

That is why the Academy hopes to obtain a US consular service to facilitate the team’s visa, which will become the first team Basketball The Dominican taking part in the AAU, for that sport, is something that volleyball has already done.

Rudy understands the difficulties the Consulate is going through due to the backlog due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The team will compete in Sub 17th Division and is therefore in an “intensive training phase”, with 30 youngsters, spending three to four hours training.

“We want to win the championship,” Rudy said.

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“It will give us a bad reputation, a brand, and scholarships,” he says. This is why the need for a visa will pave the way for a group of young people, not only with scholarships in the United States, but also in the Dominican Republic.

This tournament will take place at Spooky Nook Sports, recognized as the largest indoor sports arena complex in the world. Dignitaries Basketball Like John Calipari and Dominican Orlando Antigua attend Al Ain University in search of prospects. “We want to win there and come back victorious,” he said.

The Academy is also striving to build its own field in the National District. At the moment, they are training at New Horizons, as the main field.

The other aspect is to form a team and, if possible, play in the LNB.

study first

Baker Lopez Make it clear that it’s not just about having talent. Discipline and part school are key in Boomerang.

“To be with us, you have to have good grades,” Lopez says. The average should be around 2.5 at least. “If not, you can’t qualify” for the academy, adds Rudy.

“We want great athletes, but also professionals,” because “it is not only the play factor Basketball“.

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