Bolillo Gomez raises his voice: ‘Courts in Honduras are bad’

Tegucigapa, Honduras. – Technical Honduras national teamAnd Hernan “Polelo” Gomez, began working for a friendly against Colombia in a Lauderdale Barracks. But before that he raised his voice and demanded better courts in the country.

The strategist was consulted about the two matches that bring us to “H” in the home qualifiers against Canada s savior And nothing was saved.

“For me in football, it doesn’t (importance) what is on the inside or on the outside anymore. In the videos I watched, Honduras plays better outside. Why? Because there are better courts and it is one of the things that with great respect for all Country people and managers, the courts in Honduras are bad.”

the bicolor He trains and plays his toys on the grass Olympic Stadium He asks Gomez to change.

“What do you mean by training and playing here? All country fields change, go to Costa Rica, go to Colombia. He doesn’t improve it, he changes it for the player who plays in the world. We can’t be compliant, because if we can change the field, why not do it? .

Conditioning something is not good? No, let’s do our best so that the national team plays better.”

The strategist was reminded that Honduras is a poor country. They are poor, but there are parts that can be changed by a court or two. Football is fun, a show that is given to the people. And what we want the team to play well. each in his own sense, but if they will and this is my request; In order to play football better, you must have a good stadium. It’s one of the tools I ask for, the countries of Central and South America are poor, but there are good football fields. It’s for the view of the people, for the people to have fun, for the footballer too, and we have to try to get the best, we can’t accept it.”

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Minor Figueroa

The captain was one of the greatest absences at this start of work Minor Figueroa, who is in the United States determines his future.

“Bolillo” Gómez explained the importance of the experienced defender in his project at the helm of Bicolor.

“For me, it is very important to be with these guys because he is a guy with a lot of experience. He will help us a lot with a fairly young team. If he is ready, he will play, I always want him to be by my side or on the field because of what he conveys with his experience.”

And about the named group of players: “I see them excitedly, I talked to some. In the selection qualifiers, the Gold Cup and friendlies are not played. Every time he goes out on the field, it is a match that represents the country and you have to work on it in the best way, with pride and seriousness. Always in Every call you have to come because it is the shirt of the country.”

his approach to Colombia“We are not in the situation, the tactical situation is relative. There are 11 players who can offer us different possibilities. I am waiting for the match with Colombia, I want to see what they will show, and I want to add players who have character and personality, and are not afraid of the national team shirts.”

Are you worried that Minor is over?: He’s active, we’ve been talking. He doesn’t have a physical problem, he’s tactically one of the people we’ve worked so hard for, he’s an important guy to me.

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About invite Rinaldo Rueda: “Colombia is one of the greats of South America. He is in a good position to qualify, even though everything is difficult there. They are players with a long journey and experience who have come and gone. The Colombian championship is very intense and very good. It will be a very difficult match and we will try to be strong with them too, And we will see how we arm ourselves to show that we are ready for great things.”

What happened in the game with Panama: “It’s still in my head. With 10 minutes left, you win 2-0 and that happens, it’s something I can’t find. I won’t comment on that, but what I think now is work and merit. Hopefully if we get points there, we’ll commit someone in ranking, but we will think game by game, to improve until we have a stable and safe team on the pitch.”

Why didn’t you work with players at the end of the year? You can’t take who’s finished because after that come injuries and a lot of things. The tournament was tight and intense and without players we couldn’t train. I think you as a journalist take vacations. Every professional needs a break, whether it’s a doctor, an architect, a footballer or a technician, everyone needs a break or maybe you have a quieter schedule than others.”

Do you consider there is a bit of a break between one championship and another?: “They are really good at preparing for the season, working. But I am one of those who can’t leave people without a break and start pointing and saying the teacher is late. Why am I late? I was due to be I’m here today and I’m in charge, you guys, but you all need to rest. I was fulfilling their commitments before signing with Honduras, everything was coordinated to start the 10th session and here we are. But the day they see that I don’t attend the training sessions or the games, is something else, But we all have obligations in life that are different from our profession.”

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