Bochazo in Medicine of La Plata: 800 students who failed partially and there is controversy

National University of La Plata School of Medicine (Google Street View)

Last week, there was a huge bochazo at the National University of La Plata (UNLP) School of Medicine. Out of a thousand students who attended to take a part, only 200 succeeded. 80% of students scored less than 4.

Although the numbers are worrying, the college has a long history of public failures. Until eight years ago, the candidate was taking place in the entrance examination which was in the profession. After years of demonstrations, this example has been removed, but now the first year is usually traumatic for students, and even more so after two years of the pandemic.

The chair in question is Anatomy C, led by Dr. Angel Narduzzi, who has a long academic career. “Before that, we had about 60 percent approval, now we’re talking no more than 20 percent. The result is significantly reduced.The professor said in an interview with the newspaper today from La Plata.

“It wasn’t complicated at all, we didn’t find the questions getting too difficult and that’s why they failed. Not at all, they were very simple questions, to the point where there are no complaints from the students. Instead of developing an answer, what they had to do was observe a piece of an anatomical setup and describe what it was, and see if it was a nerve, an artery, a vein, a muscle, etc. It was very rude and they didn’t know how to explain it.”

After returning the particles, Dozens of students gathered at the college this Tuesday To disavow what they refer to as a repetitive practice and to demand full re-attendance and refund possibilities.

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According to opposition group UNITE, they are still actually studying subjects that require attendance. “We view these results with concern because they anticipate something our group has been warning about since the end of last year, which is that without full attendance, students are exposed to a poorly trained project and constraints, It leads us to find bochazos perhaps also in other themes where it is exclusively virtual”They crossed through a statement.

In the same letter, they agreed that the partial was not punitive or imply ill intent. It simply reveals the difficulties of studying through Zoom subjects that need a lab. From this standpoint, they called on the college authorities to “take action in this matter” and “Ensuring the conditions for a return to full attendance, with more budget and resources”and assigning the current leadership of the Student Center, in alignment with the Dean.

The autopsy part wasn’t the only huge bochao. Also in the Department of Infectious Diseases in the fourth year, more than 80% of the students failed in the middle of the class, although in this case they deplored the bad faith on the part of the professors..

“We found clear intentions to filter out students who take a subject like Infectious Diseases at 6 weeks; We have changed the partial method, which is written for development which is not clear what the debug criteria are, and which requires 14/20 correct answers to pass. We were told the time of the exam review date, overlapping with the schedule of other courses and leaving most of the rejecters without review possibility,” they described from the group.

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With this scenario, the next few days at UNU School of Medicine are convulsing. With a large portion of the subjects still having mixed courses, the demand for full attendance is becoming stronger, adding to the tension between the group leading the Student Center, the Remediar, and the opposition Unite.

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