Blizzard talks about Diablo 4’s return to darkness and the number of dungeons

The much-anticipated new installment of the RPG shares news, videos, and photos in its quarterly report.

2021 ended with The sad delay for Diablo 4result a institutional crisis unprecedented in Activision BlizzardHowever, 2022 began with the announcement of The company was bought by Microsoft Blizzard promised to bring us News about the most awaited games thus.

Finally, updates arrived with quarterly reportwhere his team shared some videos, photos and a lot of interesting information about Fourth Devil. The new installment of the legendary RPG franchise will feature five different regions made up of environments set by the artists.A darker and reasonable interpretation than in previous installments”, with credibility as a goal rather than realism.

“The regional climate, diverse local biomes, and the presence of history in the environments lay the foundation for what an object or place should be visually Medieval world like sanctuary‘, explained Chris Ryder, Artistic Director of Game Environments. Weather and lighting play a fundamental role in Diablo IV: when it rains, surfaces get wet, puddles form in grooves and imprints of hooves, the ground becomes muddy, and the atmosphere becomes heavy and humid.

As for the visual tone of Diablo IV, they have taken into account the techniques used before Classical artists such as Rembrandt, with “Back to the Dark” As a cross-section of the game’s features, from dungeons to lighting, making the refuge a “dangerous and dark medieval gothic world”.

Sanctuary: Diablo IV World

Diablo IV's photo

Matt McDaid, Lead Artist for Outdoor Environments, spoke about Five regions we can explore In the open world of Diablo IV, the areas we can traverse “from coast to coast or climb ice hills”:

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  • Scosglen Coast: gloomy beaches full of algae and corpses Decay and surrounded by rocky cliffs. The biome is characterized by coastal settlements intertwined with ancient inhabitants on its slopes. The villages are represented by fishing as an important trade, filled with cultural elements of the region.
  • European Monastery: a secluded, hermetic site in the Plains of Grimm. pilgrimage place For followers of Zakarum, with long caravans along the roads.
  • Kyovashad: Medieval oppressive settlementFrozen and hostile, although it remains a refuge for those who reside there. In it we will find the architecture of Las Cimas Quebradas. More modest shelters are reminiscent of slum camps, where crowds live in cramped quarters. Thus, in Kiovashad there are many areas, Each has its own cultural elements.

The dungeons of Diablo IV

Brian Fletcher, Associate Artistic Director of Environments, described Dungeons as “that random content you know so well from previous titles in the series,” but he also shared a few features that promise to make them more interesting. Among the most striking statements, Fletcher emphasized this Diablo IV will have more than 150 dungeons.

“We want you to have the impression that every dungeon is endless and that you only see a small part of a great underground maze,” Fletcher said. Chaz Head emphasized that both groups and objects strive to preserve mysticism and awe: “We hope to have Feel uncomfortable during your adventurebut, at the same time, with a reward.”

Diablo IV's photo

As Fletcher described it, these dungeons will have “decorations, lighting, and interactive objects to create.” Diverse and craft dungeonsbut, in turn, was created in a file proceduralDescribed as ’tile sets’, this system is a mosaic with which to make up the environments of these dungeons, able to reuse different items and add enough variety to cover these over 150 dungeons.

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Diablo IV will have more than 150 dungeonsIn addition to the transitions between floors Smooth inside a dungeonFletcher highlighted a file Transition scenes between sets of tiles. These scenes allow us to connect two different sets of tiles in the same dungeon: “Imagine that you are exploring a crypt and find a hole in a wall that naturally leads you into a vast network of underground caves, all while maintaining the random schemes that they change every time you enter the dungeon.”

From Blizzard Share a lot of Videos and photos From these new environments that you have from Quarterly statementAnd if you are a fan of the franchise mysterious fantasyRemember that in 3DJuegos you have available Our analysis of Diablo II Resurrected.

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