Blinken threatened Nicaragua with further sanctions to hold Ortega accountable for his abuses

Anthony Blinken (Stephanie Reynolds/Pool via Reuters)

United States Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkenHe warned on Friday that Washington would continue to impose economic sanctions on Nicaragua until then Daniel Ortega be responsible for your own excesses.

The highest representative of US diplomacy made the remarks during an event to thank the US diplomats who participated in welcoming the 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners exiled by Ortega Last February and shipped to the United States.

“The government will continue to press with our partners on the continent to bring about a return to democracy and respect for human rights in Nicaragua,” the foreign minister said.

Likewise, Blinken promised that the United States “will use all economic tools to try to advance accountability for the widespread abuses committed by the regime” to Ortega.

The head of US diplomacy noted that 222 Nicaraguans had been imprisoned “because of Exercise your basic rights“Unfortunately, Ortega is a crime in Nicaragua,” something.

Many of them lived in “harsh conditions”, with the fear of being transferred at any moment to another cell He was tortured or even executedBlinken added.

The minister praised the “humanitarian” and “compassionate” work of his ministry’s staff who accompanied the activists on the plane from Managua to Washington, and who later helped them reunite with relatives in the United States.

Daniel Ortega (Yamil Lage/Pool via Reuters/File Photo)

“Now, thanks to his work, our Nicaraguan friends are starting new lives in more than a dozen states in the United States and some are moving to other countries,” he affirmed.

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On February 9, 222 political prisoners from Nicaragua, including prominent opposition figures such as Felix Maradiaga And Juan Sebastian ChamorroThey were released from prison, expelled from the country, and stripped of their citizenship.

An American plane picked them up at Managua airport and took them to Washington, where they were given humanitarian clearance to stay in the country for two years. Some have accepted offers of Spanish, Colombian, Mexican or Chilean citizenship.

bishop Rolando Jose Alvarez Lagoswho was under house arrest, refused to leave the country, for which the government transferred him to prison and hours later he was sentenced to prison. 26 years in prison.

The US Department of Commerce on Tuesday added the Nicaraguan National Police to a list Export control to the government, after Washington said the foundation was involved in Gross violations of human rights in the country.

Last week, the State Department cited credible reports of arbitrary executions, arrests, and torture in Nicaragua, as well as harsh and life-threatening conditions in the country’s prisons, in its annual Human Rights Report.

The Entity List designation issued by the Department of Commerce prevents companies from selling US technology without a permit, Which is hard to come by.

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