Black Widow had Marvel Studios’ biggest drop in total

Although the figures for the opening weekend of Black Widow It was auspicious, surpassing the numbers achieved by some films Marvel Studios Before the pandemic, the story was no longer the same.

During its second opening weekend, the Scarlett Johansson movie starring was down 67% in the United States, bringing in just $26.25 million.

In this way, the MCU production made something previously unimaginable: its relegation to second place for a second weekend. This was done because of Space Jam: A New Legacy She managed to make a total of $31.65 million in theaters. The amazing thing is that this number was generated despite the fact that the LeBron James movie was available for free on HBO Max streaming, unlike Black Widow, which involves paying an additional digital lease.

With all of the above in mind, the other big point is that the number raised by Black Widow represents the biggest drop during the MCU’s second week. Previously the record was for Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is down 62% from its first launch weekend.

In portals like Limit They highlight that the fall of Black Widow illustrates the impact on revenue numbers from the film’s simultaneous release on the Disney+ streaming platform. In pre-pandemic times, more people would have seen it or even replayed it on the big screen after launch.

Finally, unlike during its first weekend, Disney did not report how much Black Widow collected from Disney+ leases. During its first weekend, that number exceeded $60 million worldwide, with the majority registered in the United States. But now there has been no spotlight on that number, so there is no possibility of a public calculation of how production will perform in aggregate.

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This means that the number of collectibles in cinemas is the only obvious one: only $132 million in the United States and another $132 million in the rest of the world. It’s $264 million in other circumstances that would be seen as a failure, but for now at least it’s establishing itself as the sixth film to make the most money on the big screen.

1 Hello Mom $822,054,381.27

2 Chinatown detective 3 $686.257.563

3 F9: The Fast Saga $591,270,955

4 Godzilla for Kong $463,163,133

5 A Quiet Place, Part Two

6 Black Widow $232,712,671 $132,012.671

7 Cruella $219,529.517

8 Sorcery: The Devil Made Me Do It $189,054,540

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