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Although when we think of birds and Brazil Claudio Canigia’s goal against Verdemarella comes to mind, thanks to Diego’s brilliant pass, we can now also associate the conditions with a new gastronomic specialty: Al Jaco Bird coffee.

This coffee is considered one of the rarest and most expensive varieties in the world. It is made from blueberry Jaco birds swallow, digest, and excrete coffee.

With around 50 hectares, Camocim Farm is one of the smallest coffee plantations in Brazil, But still manages to make a good profit thanks to the exclusive and highly sought-after type of coffee.

Henrique Slooper de Araujo He was the one who discovered in the early 2000s that his prized farms were so It was invaded by jacko birds, A species of endangered pheasant-like bird protected in Brazil.

Jaco, a type of coffee bean-producing bird that looks like a pheasant.

While I had no idea the birds were a fan of the coffee berries Araujo Little did he know they were going to pay him a millionaire.

The owner desperately tried to drive the birds away from his farm and even called the Environmental Police about it, but no one could do anything about it. Since birds are protected by law, they cannot harm them in any way.

Similarities between Jaco coffee and Kobe Iwak from Indonesia

However, Araujo was a passionate surfer, and his search for waves once led to Indonesia. Where he met Kobe Loak, one of the most expensive coffee in the world, Made from coffee beans also collected from Defecate Civet from Indonesia.

Jaco coffee package.

“I realized I could try something similar with Camocim and Jaco Bird, but coming up with the idea was only half the battle.”He said who AraujoWho said jokingly “The real challenge was convincing the coffee pickers that instead of berries they should collect bird droppings..

businessman She must have financially motivated workers So they are ready to do so and find the best pills among the litters.

The harvesting process consists of extracting the coffee beans from Defecate Hand wash and peel off the protective films.

Jaco stools with coffee.

For this reason, we now know why Jacu Bird coffee is much more expensive than other types of coffee.

For this part, Henrique Sloper de Araújo congratulates Jaco birds for the excellent taste of gourmet coffeeSince they only eat the best and freshest coffee cherries they can find, so the coffee they choose is always the best.

“I watched my mouth open from the living room as the jacko bird was picking only the most ripe berries, leaving more than half of the group, even those that seemed perfect to the human eye.”Camocim Estate owner said.

Unlike kopi luwak, which is digested by the Indonesian civet, the beans move more quickly through the digestive system of jacko birds and are not hydrolyzed with animal proteins or stomach acids. The resulting berries are roasted and infused with a unique nutty flavor with sweet anise undertones.

Jacu Bird coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, due to its quality and rarity. It sells for around 1,000 USD per kilogram.

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