BioNTech CEO confirmed that vaccines protect against Omicron variant: ‘Don’t panic’

Ugur Sahin (Photo: Reuters)

Founder and CEO of BiotechnologyThe laboratory that developed the previously distributed vaccine Pfizer, make a call to calm down Regarding the appearance of the variable Omicronbut urging Accelerate vaccination and promotion campaigns against Covid disease.

Our message is: Don’t panic, the plan remains the same: expedite a third booster dose.‘, Ugur Sahin noted in an interview published by the publishing house The Wall Street Journal.

As explained, the new variable can Bypassing the antibodies produced by vaccines, which would reduce the effectiveness against infection, but eThe virus is likely to remain vulnerable to the immune cells that destroy it once it enters the body. In this way, the formulas will continue to maintain the level of effectiveness Alto Against severe disease.

Our belief (that vaccines work against Omicron) is based on science: If the virus manages to escape immunity, it does so against the antibodies, but there is a second level of immune response that protects against severe disease: T cells.“Even as a form of escape, the virus would not be able to completely evade T cells,” Shaheen added.

The first image of the omicron variant was published by a research team from the prestigious Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome
The first image of the omicron variant was published by a research team from the prestigious Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome

The expert pointed out that Antibodies tend to decline over time After the second dose, susceptibility to more infectious mutants increases, but he said that protecting T cells They are still mobilizing to destroy the virus.

That’s why, he explained, the delta variable proved to be more contagious than its predecessors, but The vast majority of vaccinated people have mild disease.

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Sahin’s view is more optimistic than that offered by Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel, who He indicated that there would be a “significant drop” In the effectiveness of current vaccines, but instead Highlight the adaptability of the RNA messenger platform to develop a new, large-scale vaccine within a few months.

The infection and seriousness of Ómicron and . are still being investigated The results will be ready in two weeks.

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