Bildeau suggests that companies leaving Spain bring back public aid

The political storm continues around the decision Railroad To move its headquarters to the Netherlands. Bildu has made an illegal offer to companies that leave that they must return the public assistance they have receivedalso. The proposal, which will be voted on this month in Congress, goes beyond Podemos’ proposal, as it also includes changing the law to guarantee jobs for companies that leave.

in his suggestion, The Basque Left group is asking Congress to urge the government to legislate so that companies will restore public aid obtained in the previous contract in case of transfer, and likewise, legislate also so that the subsidies and public funds they receive henceforth shall include the condition that they cannot transfer their registered office or financial office for at least five years.

He also includes Bildew in suggesting that the legislation protects Jobs comp to move And I got public funding. In a statement, Bildew notes that the European Union has already adopted measures so that companies financed with European money will be excluded from it for up to seven years after the transition.

In this sense, Unidas Podemos also spoke. In reality, The formation of “Morada” registered a bill in the Chamber of Deputies to force companies that take their production or financial headquarters outside Spain to return aid and public benefits obtained during the ten years preceding the decision to leave the country, Also pay interest for late payment. Unidas Podemos justified this proposal in what they considered “economic piracy” by Ferrovial.

This is how Ferrovial’s work is distributed around the world

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Created over 70 years ago as a result of a contract with Renfe to transform the rafters that support the track rails.. Since then, Ferrovial has become one of the major Spanish multinational companies operating in the transportation and mobility infrastructure sector.

The company maintains business with strong economies and large markets such as the United States, Australia or Turkey.

The Spanish group headed by Rafael del Pino is present in 15 countries and, according to his calculations, 80% of its income is already coming from outside Spain.

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