Big split between North and South due to UK party weather with the 19th century sun. Nineteenth and heavy rain


The north-south split will be in place this weekend, with Britons in different parts of the country expecting vastly different weather conditions.

Saturday (April 30) is likely to see sunshine and pleasant spring temperatures of 19C in southern England, according to the Met Office.

But it could be a drift process for people in Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of northern England where the low pressure system descends from the northwest.

A changing weather front is expected to bring clouds and rain showers to these areas, before moving further into the British Isles on Sunday.

There will be umbrellas for some and umbrellas for others this weekend as the weather throws into a mixed bag of public holidays (Image: Getty Images) Read more related articles Read more related articles

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist David Oliver said: “It’s a different mix of weather this weekend on the banks after a week that was largely calm in the UK.

“The high pressure that has gripped the UK in recent days will move far to the south, allowing the low pressure system to move from the northwest.”

“This will lead to more instability in the weather with showers or a little longer periods of rain in the north on Saturday and then in the southern regions on Sunday,” he said.

A gust of warm air will warm things up after a colder week, said Netweather meteorologist Jo Farrow (Image: Getty Images)

“More dry weather is expected on Monday, with most areas seeing only a few scattered showers and mild temperatures, broadly in the mid-teens.”

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Meanwhile, Netweather meteorologist Joe Farrow explained in a new blog that the weather could take a turn more lenient in some areas after a mild and at times cold week.

She said, “This week it feels good in any sun, but it’s cool once the sun goes down, in the North Sea breeze or even under a heavy cloud.

However, with warmer air, he said temperatures can now “rise” to ten degrees and could “touch twenty degrees” but only while the sun is shining.

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