Big brother: the embarrassing moment that Jesus, the ex-partner of Nacho’s father, had when he wanted to surprise him at home

the end of Big brother (Telefe) is almost reality. The four players compete for a spot on the podium Meanwhile, they are receiving their last boost of energy after nearly five months of solitude. And on Tuesday evening, the second meeting of the family reunion took place inside the house, after the visit of Romina’s daughters on Monday. now, It was the turn of Nacho, who surprised his grandmother, Tessie, and Jesus, his “second father”, which starred in a fun sequence.

This week, emotions are running high in House Big brotherWith the visits that players have begun to receive. Nacho had the biggest surprise when he walked through SUM’s door and met his beloved grandmother, Tesi. Seeing her, he burst into tears. And just when she thought it was just the visitor, Jesús, the former partner of her father Rodolfo, with whom she has a great relationship, appears.

Nacho was taken to see his grandmother (video capture)

Jesus traveled exclusively from Spain to surprise the participant and achieved his goal. For this, in collusion Santiago del Moro hid himself to appear in front of NachoThen say hello to your grandmother. But finding a hideout was an epic journey, as space had few options. The bathroom was most useful, but it was closed. Then they tried to force him to stay behind the sofa, but that’s been left out, as is the kitchen counter space.

“I’ll hide where the cleaning things go. A bit uncomfortable, you know, I can’t stay for long.”, the Spaniard crossed upon discovering a small deposit next to the refrigerator. Nacho was called by the older brother, and when he saw his grandmother, he couldn’t hold back his tears. It was she who predicted that she would not enter alone and stunned the player.

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Big Brother: Nacho burst into tears when he met Jesus

Minutes later, Jesus came out of hiding..what are you doing here? I can not believe!”He said when he saw it. In an emotional bit of talk, Nacho said he calls Jesus “Moa,” which means “my only friend,” a nickname he gave him when he was five years old and explained who he was in his life, since he considers him a “second father.”

Your presence here means a lot to me.”, he commented. The meeting lasted over an hour and moved the viewers.


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