Biden’s popularity in the US exceeds 60%

US President Joe Biden won 61% approval after just over a month in the White House, according to a Harvard CAPS / Harris poll for “The Hill.”, Higher than the 48% achieved by Donald Trump a month into the presidency.

Study raises the number of Americans who reject Biden’s job to 39% In the head of the country and reveals a clear division of opinions between the parties.

Consequently, the vast majority of Democratic voters support Biden, while the majority of Republican voters also reject the president’s performance. Nevertheless, as many as 31% of Republican voters approve of Biden’s work.

In contrast, 55% of respondents support the work of the Democratic Party, up 7 points from January, while 44% support the work of the Republican Party.

“President Biden is on a honeymoon with Democrats, not like Trump,” said Mark Penn, director of the Harvard / Harris University Polling Study. “It is an opportunity for growth for the party and the presidency,” he added.

however, A majority (61%) believes the 78-year-old Biden will only be in the White House for one term39% believe it will be shown again in 2024.

As for Trump’s political future, 52% of Republican voters believe the candidate should be in 2024, ahead of other options such as former Vice President Mike Pence (18%) or diplomat Nikki Haley (7%). If Trump decides to stay on the sidelines, Pence will be the first choice (41%), followed by Ted Cruz (16%) and Haley (10%).

Regarding the elections last November, 64% of Republican voters believe that Trump is the winner, he himself asserts, and that there is electoral fraud.

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The data was released hours after former President Trump made a public appearance At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, he made a speech full of criticism of the policies laid down by his successor, in which he opened the door to running again for the presidency of the United States in 2024.

“Who knows and who knows. He can even decide to defeat them for the third time,” he said, referring to his Democratic rivals.

“A Republican president will return to the White House. I wonder who he is,” he added.

In front of an audience of his supporters, Trump insisted without providing evidence that he had lost the 2020 election because it was “rigged” and called on his supporters to keep his political movement active.

The former president denounced rumors that he could establish a new party, but made it clear that he would continue his activities within the Republican Party. “I will not create a new party. We have the Republican Party. It will come together and be stronger than ever.”

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