Biden offers a plan to reduce the racial divide in the United States – Prinsa Latina

The president traveled to that city to meet survivors of the massacre that took place there 100 years ago, when a group of white men set fire to and ransacked the entire neighborhood of Greenwood, one of the most prosperous African American settlements at the time.

In his speech, Biden addressed the dark legacy of violent racism and white supremacy in the United States. “We cannot bury the pain and trauma forever,” the White House chief said.

The measures announced Tuesday are aimed at granting economic aid to African Americans, who will make it easier to buy homes or set up businesses of their own.

The president said that despite the time, the proportion of black Americans who own homes is lower than it was 50 years ago, which is a mistake and we are committed to changing it.

In addition, he said he would increase federal contracts with small businesses whose owners are at a disadvantage by 50 percent, which translates to an additional $100 billion for this purpose over five years.

Similarly, the president noted that among the challenges African Americans face are threats to the right to vote, while many states are debating and passing laws that, according to experts, will make it more difficult for minorities to vote in particular.

During his visit to Tulsa, Biden also promoted part of his announced infrastructure investment program, which plans to spend nearly $2 billion on roads, bridges and other key work in the nation’s economy.

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