Biden deepens the relationship with Miley: and is considering integrating Argentina into the coalition for economic prosperity

Friday, May 17: Diana Mondino receives Anthony Blinken during their meeting at the State Department

(From Washington, United States) during the meeting he held in the capital with Anthony Blinken, Diana Mondino He raised the possibility of entering Argentina Alliance for Economic Prosperity (APEP)A multilateral agreement to promote regional economic integration was announced Joseph Biden During the Summit of the Americas in 2022

The Foreign Minister responded to the Chancellor with this “Yes”which “They would have thought about it.”This needs definition a Entry mechanism Which shall be determined by APEP members, among themselves Canada, Chili pepper, Mexico And Uruguay.

in Washington It has not been disposed of Biden will make the official announcement during Pull aside -Informal meeting- He will hold with Miley in Italy G7

Biden's possible decision puts an end to A powerful diplomatic engine Which the United States maintained with Argentina during the government Alberto Fernandez. At that time, Alberto Fernandez approached China -Who requested to join BRICS- And flirt Russian President Vladimir Putinwho marched against Ukraine.

These are the two geopolitical positions of Alberto Fernández hill Argentina joins APEP. At the beginning of November 2023, Gabriel Borek He participated in the APEP Summit in Washington and asked Biden to visit Argentina and Brazil. The White House responded with Alleged diplomatic silence asked the Chilean president.

Family photo of Latin American presidents attending Biden's Alliance for Economic Prosperity summit in Washington

Before last Friday's meeting with Blinken, Mondino lunch With Republican Representative (Representative) Maria Elvira Salazar With the Argentine Ambassador to the United States, Gerardo VerthenSecretary of International Economic Relations, Marcelo Cima.

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Salazar supports Argentina joining APEP He promised to push for the country's integration through his political weight in the capital. Comply: Send a message to Biden about it, then take your time At a legislative hearing With Blinken to ask the Secretary of State when he will join Argentina in APEP.

“So let's go to Argentina: Javier Miley is the most pro-American president in Argentine history. Supporting their agenda: Ukraine, Israel, anti-China, Venezuela, Cuba, Taiwan, open markets. I have just sent a letter to President Biden requesting that Argentina be asked to join or join the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization. Would you consider including it in that economic plan for Latin America? Salazar asked Blinken during an appearance — this week — at the Capitol.

-Briefly, Yes, I was in Argentina two months ago with President Miley, Blinken responded, while Salazar was asked to end his participation.

We need more “Miles” in Latin AmericaDon't you think so, sir, insisted the Republican representative?

-I am glad to see your message. Certainly happy to look at it.

Republican Representative Maria Elvira Salazar raised the possibility of including Argentina in the Alliance for Economic Prosperity to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Alliance for Economic Prosperity Geopolitical response The United States against the Chinese attack in Latin America. It's about Merge area To implement a linked joint strategy Sustainable infrastructure, semiconductors and clean energy.

In November 2023, Biden invited the heads of state of Barbados, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay, twelve countries that intend to deepen multilateral relations, with the White House. argentina and brazil, Because of their alliances outside the continent, they were excluded from the regional summit.

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He added: “The United States is already the largest source of investment in Latin America and the Caribbean and we will work to ensure this Our closest neighbors “Know that you can choose between debt-trap diplomacy and high-quality, transparent approaches to infrastructure and development,” Biden said while opening the first meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Washington.

Miley wants to add Argentina to this multilateral forum, and Blinken has already given his say during his meeting with Mondino and in his responses to Salazar on Capitol Hill. Political truth can be crowned in the G7 Italy, Where Miley and Biden will meet.

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