Biddart scored 4 goals in one match as Canada dominate Austria in the World Youth Championship

Conor Bedard of Canada became the youngest player to score four goals at the only Junior World Hockey Championship held in Edmonton on Tuesday.

The 16-year-old from North Vancouver, British Columbia, beat Canada 11-2 in his four-game winning streak, equaling the tournament’s record set in one game.

Mason McDewich scored two goals and assisted, while goalkeeper Berbetti scored a goal and assisted 2 (2-0). Kent Johnson, Lukas Karmayer, Logan Stankovan and Maverick Borg scored for the Canadian national team.

Elliott Desnoers and Will Coyle both helped achieve three Biedart goals. Brett Brosh blocked 20 of 22 shots to take the win early in the match.

Lucas Nisani and Matthias Bohm scored a goal for Austria (0-2), and star Leon Sommer scored 53 kicks.

Bidart joined forces with Mario Lemieux (1983), Simon Cogen (1999), Brighton Sheen (2010), Taylor Radish (2016) and Maxime Comtua (2018) as the top Canadian young goalscorer in a single match.

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Bidart equaled the record with 4 goals, and Canada defeated Austria

The Canadian youth team had no problems as Austria endured 11 rounds to take a 2-0 lead in the match. 3:23

Bidart is the seventh 16-year-old to be inducted into the youth national team in 45 years, joining the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby.

No other 16-year-old has scored four goals in a single match. Gretsky scored a hat-trick against Czechoslovakia in 1977.

“It’s great to hear your name, if not the best you’ve ever played,” Bedard said. “This is a game. I don’t think he got 2,800 points in the National Hockey League. It’s great to hear your name. It’s good, but we have a long way to go in this tournament.”

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Government related problems, change the sequence

Canada plays its second match in Group A against Germany on Wednesday and finishes the opening round on New Years Eve against the Finns.

That is if the Govit-19 virus no longer tracks the under-20 competition. The match between Canada and Austria was played on Tuesday only.

The United States lost a Group B match to Switzerland in enforced isolation from the entire team, and two American players tested positive.

According to the rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation, the Swiss team won 1-0. The International Federation of Architecture has not yet determined whether the United States can play Wednesday’s Group B match against Sweden in Red Deer, Alta.

The quarter-finals are held on Sunday, followed by the semi-finals on January 4 and the medal on January 5 in Edmonton.

“Every effort has been made to get here in this difficult situation and stop this competition. You don’t want any team to lose a game like the United States.” [did]”So I hope they only compete once,” Canadian coach Dave Cameron said.

“I think our team is very hardworking. We are in a tight bubble. You keep your fingers crossed and herald part of their diligence.”

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The Youth Hockey World Championships began amid the rise of Omegron

The World Junior Hockey Championship is being held in Alberta, where stadiums are limited to 50 percent capacity and players and officials are “filled” with the usual Govt-19 test. But some epidemiologists say visitors should not be allowed in. 1:56

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Alberta, Edmonton and Red Deer Covit-19 control the crowd on the Alta with 50 percent efficiency. With 3,862 people in attendance on Tuesday, Rogers Place was far from its average capacity of 9,320.

The players who walked out and queued up on Tuesday had streaks that would blend Canada, with Bidart Coyle and Desnoyars replacing respectively.

Canadian striker Justin Surdev has been suspended for a foul in the opening game of Sunday’s 6-3 win over Chechnya.

Nor did striker Xavier Porco play after being hit in the head in the third half on Sunday.

“It could slip through your fingers tomorrow,” Cameron said.

Canada is still playing hard behind Bedard

Kamloops Blazers’ Stancoven and Sue Greyhounds defender Ryan O’Rourke tied for the game’s opening matches.

Bedard’s fourth goal came in 2:34 of the third half. Before Austria responded in the second half, the Canadians had not responded to six goals.

Bedard scored 71 goals in the second half.

Next, Regina Potts buck picked up a tie in the attack area and scored a shot over Sommer’s wrist at 6:13 in the second half to complete her hat-trick.

He made a second swing on the side of the pinball to score in a power game and completed a push and took with Quiley in a hurry in the first period.

Bruch Cove led Austria’s first goal 31 seconds before the end of the second leg after losing to Canadian gold medalist Vincent Rohr.

Ottawa 67 had enough time to hit Nisoni’s cross, which was half an open net for a goal.

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Austria advanced to the 2021 World Junior Championships by winning the 2020 First Division tournament. For the second year in a row, no team will be disqualified from the tournament for low-level matches due to the government’s cancellation.

“Playing Canada is not an easy team,” Roarer said. “When we talk to the coaches in the dressing room, we like to focus on our matches, but on the form of the start, not on any team.

“We had good parts of our game that could take some of that out. In the second half we were 1-1.”

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