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Due to his success, scams have proliferated on TikTok. No one is safe from a hacker exploiting you online, and although we are talking about a seemingly safe social network, none of them are 100%.

TikTok is a multifunctional social app like few others. This type of video short is designed for entertainment, so much so that it has become the main search engine for generation Z, despite the fact that apps Tend to give wrong information often.

But the application is not alien to controversy, Perhaps because he has unprecedented power based on extremely powerful pillarsas we shall see now.

This strength stems from the massive user base, the huge popularity among influencers and brands alike, and the growing dominance of competing platforms (Instagram In trouble).

So this app, with its billions of users, has inadvertently become an ideal springboard for scams, which are becoming more and more prevalent. Now let’s see what are the most common tricks.

Classic scams in the app that rivals Instagram

Functional tricksThere has been an increase in prestigious and well-paid job offers through TikTok. The topic of ‘job fraud’ has 5.3 million views on TikTokwith videos recounting the many job offers they’ve received, on attractive terms and companies that often don’t exist.

Pyramid scam: In 2021, TikTok banned “investment schemes promising high returns” such as Ponzi schemes. They also ban pyramid schemes, or a business model where more investors are hired periodically.

These types of schemes are so prominent on TikTok, that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned Users should beware of the app’s high-risk investments, investment advice from TikTok users, and promises of high returns.

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Mobile game cheats: If you are a player and user of TikTok, chances are that you have come across many game scams that have plagued the app. These were largely located around Roblox.

In fact, “Roblox scam” and its corresponding videos on TikTok have 8.9 million views. Many of these scams, whether they are for Roblox or other apps, take the form of in-app purchases at cheaper or no cost. Herein lies the problem.

Romantic tricks: If anyone has watched the Netflix movie The Tinder Scarmer, they will know that the consequences of this type of fraud can be multiple and impactful.

Recommendations for spotting these types of scams include making it easy and looking for red flags or anything that seems odd. TikTok is not a place for the innocent. And they can’t be quiet on Facebook, because Instagram can’t either.

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