Between Don Agorero and Professor Bisimista, Boris Johnson

  • The British government’s scientific advisers were called Doctor Agorero and Professor Bismista, in the attacks of the ultra-conservative press.

  • Tony Fauci, the “Doctor of America” ​​who can deal with Trump

The sound of the flag has not been embodied in the UK during the pandemic by spokesperson Fernando Simon. In England, a member of the government chairs almost daily press conferences. The most common is the prime minister, Boris Johnson, or the head of health, Matt Hancock, with a world always on each side. The appointees are usually Head of Medical Services of England, Chris WittyAnd the scientific advisor to the government, Patrick Wallance. The British know them by seeing them, but none of them fall in love with the camera, or become a celebrity. With Gray and somewhat dull imageIts mission is to graphically and statistically explain the evolution of the virus, the state in which hospitals are, and at times, correct some of Johnson’s excesses.

British Simon, Chris Whitty

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For both, the most difficult part of the task is to stem the undocumented enthusiasm that characterized the prime minister in his interventions in the country. Johnson always claims to be acting according to scientific standards, but nearly a year ago he claimed it was possible to do so “Get this within the next 12 weeks.” Then he opened his hand in a hurry in the summer with the holidays and did it again at the Christmas parties. Witty and Wallace Try to stop him And he made him understand in vain that the consequences would be out of control over the virus and cause thousands of deaths. Unfortunately they were right. The third wave was more deadly than the first. Now they are trying to avoid another rapid and dangerous escalation. Johnson appears to be more receptive to his messages, after making sure that the letter does not defeat the virus.

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The goal of liberal extremists conservatives

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The enthusiasm of scientific advisers has turned them into figures who are not appreciated by the public, and are very tired of escalation and de-escalation, and they are also the target of the ultra-liberal sector of the conservative party. In the Allied Press, serving as their loudspeaker, they called Whitty and Wallace, Dr. Agorero and Professor Bissemista (Dr. Dom and Professor Glum), Along with titles such as “Britain under the grip of scholars,” “Johnson completely captured by Witty and Wallace,” or Boris is now a prisoner of scholars. ”

The British scientific class itself shattered the initial consensus that existed at the start of the epidemic, “We have seen scholars divided into factions & rdquor;, He regretted the prestigious “Lancet” magazine. There were even personal assaults. Two epidemiologists from the University of Oxford wrote: “It is a shame that Mr. Johnson has surrounded him with mid-level scientific advisers.” These divisions have contributed to a collapse in public confidence in science and a growing insurgency against the new restrictions.

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