Better than before the pandemic

motivated by a vaccination strategy to advance and governmental support that encourage US economy, a Increases In the second quarter, 6.6% annualized rate, which again indicates the fact that the North American country maintains its rate Recovery behind the Recession that was born health crisis for him SARS-CoV-2 And it finally reaches a higher level than it was in the moments before pandemic.

The Ministry of Commerce From the United States published on Thursday a Report Who estimated that the increase in Gross Domestic Production (GDP) – the sum of all Produce from goods And Services– It managed to accelerate in the April-July quarter after showing good results in the January-March period, with strong growth of 6.3% at an annual rate.

Industrial production does not finish recovering due to disruptions in supply chains, hampering the process. (AFP)

Although these results are still far from the 7% per year that many economists had expected, they were in contrast to the external origin, when the supply was cut. global supply chains After a quick reopening of a file Economic activities.

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not everything industrial sectors They reactivated them at the same rate. Effects in the series that included Factories of industrial components affected the whole, resulting in bottlenecks that slowed down the performance a job that they requested the supply of work; This was the major drawback despite efforts to catch up.

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Regarding the most favorable data from the government agency report, the Consumer expenses, the great engine that started the US economy, showed significant growth for the second time this quarter, reaching an annual increase of 11.8%

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