Best workplace comedy series

In the world of sitcoms, friend group dynamics have set a trend thanks to series like Friends or How I Met Your Mother.

However, there is another formula that has also given great performance on TV: sitcom put-in on file Workplace. The comedy that tapped into the usual tropes of a job position swept away when I could hit the switch.


The series ends in 2023

Others, like Netflix’s Blockbuster, lingered on trying that might have worked, but at least came at the right moment — and through the channel.

Today, at Hobby Consolas, we’re reviewing 8 of the best workplace sitcoms that were shown on TV to leave us with hours and hours of fun.

The series we are going to talk about are:


A hospital seems like the least suitable work environment for two doctors walking the corridors on horseback and screaming, right?

Well, once you see scrubs, you’ll want to see doctors. John ‘JD’ Dorian and Christopher Turk You appear in any corridor when it’s your turn to go to the hospital.

medical staff in Sacred Heart Hospital It’s like a herd of goats from beginning to end.

However, being in an environment where such transcendent things happen to people, this workplace series never misses the opportunity to leave some tender, human winks.

super store

A typical workplace where it was only a matter of time before a sitcom was set up is a department store. super store correct that.

This NBC series ran for six seasons and had to deal with, among other things, the coronavirus pandemic.

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probably not cloud template 9 It may seem that you encounter situations that are far-fetched and surreal, but those who have worked in the trade know that many of them are very real.

Parks and Recreation

When you think of city council workers, the person who decided to fill your city with businesses, block your street, or turn your neighborhood park into a parking lot comes to mind.

This does not happen in Parks and Recreationwhere the Pawnee Department of Parks and Gardens, because Leslie Knope And his colleagues will do everything to keep the garden in place.

Parks and Recreation is the natural successor to another series that we will see on this list, The Office and one of its creators, Greg Danielswas also responsible for it.

The exceptional cast included names like Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe or Aubrey Plaza.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Can you imagine Mad Police Academy turned into a series? Basically, you have it in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The busy New York Police Station is the workplace of colorful characters like the Inspector Jake Peralta or Sgt Terry Jeffords.

After years of chaos, a new leader, Raymond Holt, arrives with a mission to restore order to this irreverent police station. Little does he know that he will end up plunging into workplace madness.

the desk

when Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant They introduced The Office for the first time, a series set in a paper company’s commercial office, which looked crazy. And what if it is.

Not only was The Office a hit in the UK, but Greg Daniels’ US adaptation has become one of, if not the best, workplace sitcom.

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Dunder Mifflin And the crazy Scranton office workers became TV icons for nine seasons.

Nothing will ever be the same after seeing it Jim Halpert, Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute On their workdays, they do everything but work.

night court

For nine seasons we also visited the gleaming criminal courthouse in Manhattan at night to enjoy the Hon’s rulings. Judge Harold T. Sixty.

night court It aired from 1984 to 1992 and is, in a way, the forerunner to many lawyer comedy series.

The crazy things that were going to happen in that room, including some relationships between defense attorneys, weren’t wasted.


A bar may not look like a workplace, but for Diane, Sam, Carla, and Rebecca, cheers Yes it was.

Not only that: the glossy enterprise popularized the other big sitcom subgenre, the series about groups of friends.

Not to mention, it spawned one of the most successful spin-offs in history: Fraserwith Kelsey Grammer returning as the eponymous character.

computer engineers

Oh computer engineersthe ones you only remember when the computer in your workplace shuts down.

But what happens in the IT department of a large company? The British historical series, albeit a brief one, gave a good account of this.

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Roy and Maurice might not be invited to parties first, and they might not quite fit in at any party either, but give them a keyboard and they’ll do crazy things. You better not ask her boss, Jean, about anything computer-related.

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These are just eight of the best workplace sitcoms of all time — and there are more, but we encourage you to share your favorites in the comments section.

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