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Galaxy Note10 + Special Edition, ‘Imperial’ POWERbot and the amazing ‘Invasion’ of galaxy ships in US skies thanks to augmented reality are some of the collaborations between the two

An ingenious play based on one of its most famous phrases (“I hope the fourth is with you,” in which “strength” is replaced by “fourth” due to the verbal similarity) is the origin of the celebration of a day star Wars Every May 4th, an occasion for fans of the Hungarian saga to display an arsenal of memes in his honor.

And the force is also with Samsung, which has already had several collaborations with Star Wars over the years. The last of them was in 2019, with the world premiere of Celestial Rise, The ninth episode of the saga. That year, Samsung introduced its limited-edition Galaxy Note10 + with a design inspired by Kylo Ren, the charismatic villain of this generation, which included a custom-designed case with a collectible metal badge, S Pen, and a set of Galaxy Buds.

In parallel, and taking advantage of the film’s release date at the end of that year, Samsung introduced its Galaxy-inspired Christmas campaign. What does Galaxy Note10 + have to do with the greatest story in the galaxy ever? When a kid browses social media networks with the latest Samsung phones, and finds in his schedule a picture of a puppy very similar to Chewbacca looking for a home, an emotional Christmas story that surprised epic fans and animal lovers kicks off.

Additionally, Samsung closed 2019 with a disturbing announcement about the last week of the year: Imperial fighters, destroyers and of course the legendary Millennium Falcon can be seen flying in the skies of seven cities in the United States. But there was a problem: It would only be visible through the Samsung device and the Members App.

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It was my geolocation experience inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Samsung’s campaign, titled “Invasion with the Galaxy,” featured stunning posting of content using augmented reality, with a new ship appearing every day for a week to users in Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Dallas and Chicago. And Washington, DC and San Francisco.

Finally, the collaboration is outside the Galaxy world of Samsung but one of the favorites of Star Wars and tech enthusiasts: the Powerbot VR7000 robotic vacuum cleaner that Samsung introduced at CES 2017 in its “Empire” version, with two different designs: black, inspired by evil but irresistible Darth Vader, and another. In white, the iconic Storm Soldiers are represented, as part of the Eighth World Premiere, Last serious.

Will the next expansion of the Star Wars universe to film and television bring a new technical collaboration with Samsung? Only time will tell. So far, May a fourth be with you …

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