Best Apps to Install on Samsung Smart TV


We explain what are the best apps that you can install on your Samsung Smart TV in the official store.

The Samsung Smart TV They come with an operating system called tizen. Although the idea of ​​the Koreans initially was to use it on their mobile devices, their commitment to Android is what finally gave the best results. However, Tizen has had some success in The world of smart TVs. And how could it be otherwise, is somewhat due to the apps available in the Store. What is the best thing you can install on your TV?

In this article we suggest some The best platforms and tools Available to you for Tizen and Samsung TVs. If you have a Smart TV from this manufacturer, then the following list is of interest to you. Here are our recommendations!

24 Apps to Install on Your Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TVs come with the Tizen operating system. Many developers have released apps for this operating system

We have collected a total of 24 apps you can install on your smart TV From Samsung to get all the juice out of it. How could it be otherwise, most of them focus on playing and streaming content. Let’s Begin!


The starting pistol is given by a classic: Youtube. Google’s video hosting service has become a vast repository of content of all kinds. If you want to enjoy the best techniques, history and music videos, to give just a few examples, download this application. Best of all, it’s Freealthough it includes ads.


dazn It is an ideal platform for sports enthusiasts. It provides access to channels such as Eurosport or Red Bull. It also broadcasts La Liga matches, Formula 1 races and much more. Surely you are already imagining that all this content is not free. Your subscription part From 12.99 € It rises according to the contracted package. But if sports are your thing, then you should consider it.


We don’t leave sports content to talk to you about + TDP. In case you didn’t know, behind these shortcuts hides a file Teledeporte channel for Spanish TV. Interestingly, this app is exclusive to Samsung and is meant to “guide and make room for the massive sports show created at RTVE, covering all kinds of international and national disciplines and competitions, from athletics, skiing, and basketball to tennis, soccer or candlelight,” according to the officials. The provided content is free.


Play RTVE It is an application that replaces the old On demand from RTVE. It has a renewed design and a huge catalog in which you will not only find the latest La 1 and La 2 broadcasts. In fact, this platform comes with documentaries, Films and Historical Archives of Spanish Television. Likewise, it will help you to watch RTVE channels live. Hours and hours of content without paying a single euro.

K Box

We move away for a moment from streaming and move to a concept focused on another kind of entertainment. K Box It is an application that will help you turn your Samsung TV into a karaoke machine. According to their creators, they have more than 6000 songs. To enjoy all its functions it is necessary to pay a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.

Apple TV and Apple Music

Apple does not usually take its services outside the boundaries of the ecosystem that makes up its products. However, with Apple Music and Apple TV The thing is different. Apparently, they realized in Cupertino that one of the keys to success with this type of platform is Be present on all possible devices. On your Samsung Smart TV, you can access both Apple Music and Apple TV thanks to their official apps. Remember that if you have an iPhone or iPad, The latest models also offer AirPlay 2 support.


to Netflix We have already explained many things to you. For example, we talked about how to enjoy the service Without paying the full subscription or even for free. On this platform, you will have popular series like The Paper House, The Squid Game and Black Mirror. At this point, we can find out a few things about this service, but what we have to tell you is that it is available for Samsung Smart TVs.

Prime video

Another major player in the broadcasting world is Prime video. Remember that if you have Amazon Prime, you can already access this service. Complete your subscription by downloading the official app from the Samsung Store. It will serve you, in addition to watching series and movies, to enjoy League Two matches.

hbo max

If you have a compatible TV, you must install HBO Max to enjoy its catalog

If you have a compatible TV, you must install HBO Max to enjoy its catalog

hbo max she is one from Big Absences on Fire TV. Although Amazon has not yet been able to offer this service to its users (although it may be HBO’s fault), Samsung has the app in the official store for your TV.

Disney +

Disney + It is available in Samsung Store. Do you want to see the best content of this giant of the audiovisual world? Well, all you have to do is download its app for Samsung Smart TVs. As you can imagine, a subscription is necessary to be able to watch movies and series on your TV.

Samsung TVPlus

Samsung TVPlus It is a free channel service that you can watch at no additional cost on your TV. It is a platform similar to Pluto TV, with live streaming. The best thing is that it is not necessary to subscribe to start enjoying the suggested contents.

Pluto TV

and talking about Pluto TVWhy not try this free live streaming service? There is no registration required and the only thing you ask in return is watching ads. In addition, from time to time it adds new live broadcasts, so its content is replenished.

Atresplayer and MiTele

Atresplayer and MiTele These are applications for watching Atresplayer and Mediaset group channels. In addition to all the programs being broadcast, on these platforms you will find an easy way to watch channels live.


spotify It needs a few introductions. It is the music streaming service par excellence. Now focusing on podcasts and audiovisual content. If you have a Premium account, you can access all the functions of its app on Samsung Smart TVs.


discipline It is a radio platform that gives you access to more than 100,000 stations from all over the world. It’s the service already built into AlexaGoogle Assistant and Siri. You can now enjoy it on your Samsung Smart TV.


Plex is one of the best solutions for grouping streaming services together.

Plex is one of the best solutions to combine streaming services

Those who have a large library of movies and music already know lex. Thanks to the server that can be installed on computers, it is possible to run files hosted locally on a computer from any device. On Samsung TVs you have the necessary client to access your entire library.


Want to check the weather from your TV? Accuweather It makes it very easy for you. Download this application to find out the weather forecast for the region of your choice and do it without leaving your smart TV remote control.


continue with Tiffy. This is a perfect app for Live TV fans. If for some reason it is not possible to connect your TV to your home antenna, this platform allows you to access all channels in Spain. It’s a free service with ads, although it does have some pay rates with interesting extras.


Rakuten-TV It is another video content platform that allows you to watch movies and series for free with ads. Likewise, include some subscriptions to thematic channels that you may find attractive.

tik tok

tik tok It was the revolution in terms of social networking at the beginning of this decade: fun, dynamic and quick-to-understand content that drives the youngest guys crazy. With the Samsung TVs app, you can have it all right in your living room.

Google Play Movies & TV

We close one of the less popular Google services: Play movies and TV. With their app for Samsung TVs, you can access all your purchases. This way, if you rent or buy a movie, you’ll have it at your disposal on TV.

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