Behind the scenes of the official defeat of the deputies: from the silence of Maximo Kirchner to the irony of Cecilia Moreau

The ruling party deputies have already sensed that it is coming defeat on hypotheses. Perhaps this explains the silence Maximo Kirchner, who was able until last January to captain the bench for Frente de Todos. behind him, German MartinezHe had to put the body in the position with arguments Refusal to implement paper ballot in our country. An overview of the intense debate that will begin next week in the constitutional, justice and budget committees at the invitation of the opposition – By 132 votes- To address initiatives that promote electoral system change from upcoming national elections.

The representative expressed the clearest symptoms of official indignation Cecilia Moreau, Parliament Secretary of the ruling bloc. Silvia for Spinatoof Together for Change, just presented the details of the opposition’s proposal: He called on the ruling party to start discussion on the initiatives in a plenary session of committees next week, and for the corresponding opinion to be issued at the end of the month.

Morrow could not hide his annoyance at what represented an imminent defeat for his seats. He asked for the floor and addressed the opposition. To the plenary sessions of the committees, Can we go in for sports or do we have to go to party?‘, ironically. Nobody answered him.

Germain Martinez and Sergio Massa before the sessionSilvana Colombo

Previously, Martinez had argued against the opposing proposal. I am against dealing with institutional issues at tables and without the opinion of the committee, especially when discussing issues of this nature. “We’re also against any kind of call-ups for commissions,” said Martinez, who has questioned the opposition’s arguments in favor of individual ballot processing.

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He attacked Martinez, who immediately held a large ballot paper: “Does this really facilitate the citizen’s decision?”. He warned that “this ballot was used in Rosario and includes only candidates for council membership.” We want to discuss with institutions in Congress and Not taken by the media or NGOs, Many of them have international funding.”

The ruling party was not alone in criticizing him. With a harsh speech, the leftist deputy Myriam Bergman He also attacked the single suffrage system, although later, in voting, he decided to abstain, like his fellow bloc members. Nicholas del Canio and Alejandro Filca.

He stressed that no single ballot paper could be discussed in isolation, and gave an example of “Pepin’ Rodriguez Simon, The Pro leader who was second on Parlasur’s parliamentary candidate list and now “he’s gone, they won’t see him anymore…what happens to the monsters hiding on the ballot papers?” , he said to applause from the ruling party.

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