Behind the scenes of Russo’s sacking, what will happen to Via and the harbinger of Messi’s future: Riquelme’s best phrases

Juan Roman Riquelme spoke for the first time after the departure of Miguel Rosso As Boca Juniors coach. xeneize vice president and president of the club’s football board He said it wasn’t hard for him to make the decision to kick him out, although he was very grateful And note that with DT experienced “The results were excellent.”

As confirmed by This is the time, by Sebastian Battaglia and talked about The case of Sebastian Villa, Who is the He should return to training In the next few hours. in conversation with ESPNThe idol of the institution also referred to the future of the club and the Argentine national team and foretold the future of Lionel Messi, among other topics.

Here are Riquelme’s highlights:


“Messi plays and must watch the match.”

Rousseau’s dismissal:

“I’m happier than I imagined. When we went looking for Miguel, we were convinced that he helped us a lot. We are not wrong. He gave us so many joys. The results were excellent, but it was a very calm decision. We think this is the time for Sebastian (Bataglia). You took that responsibility and we are there to make the decisions. We are fortunate that Miguel said yes and now we are with Sebastian. We understand that (the media) have to talk every day about Boca Juniors for two hours every day, things are very simple and we are used to that.”

Battaglia selection:

“It’s the dream of all the kids who come to our club. It’s nice to see him there and that’s part of the history of our club. He came from a young age, lived in Casa Amarilla, played, ready to be a coach and we are convinced that this is his moment. He’s someone who keeps a streak and I’ve known him since more From 20 years ago. We enjoy him a lot and you know our club. We have no doubts he will enjoy it a lot and we will be too.”

The day of the match against Banfield was so important, because when they saw the players from the club, all the lower coaches went to watch the match. It was said that they worked at the club because they were friends of mine. That day was great because I saw all the coaches very calmly because they realized how great a job they are doing. The coaches from the lower level are doing a great job.”

Sebastian Villa status:

“He is going through his isolation days and when he finishes it he should come to train. I think he should come back on Monday because there are no training sessions on Saturday and Sunday. He has a contract with our club for many years and things are normal. If you want to play in Boca, you have to ask him. We are a club Serious and we carry it in debt and we will not melt the club I take care of the club more than my family and I do it very happily and my family is happy We hope that Villa will fulfill the obligations it has. Have you heard from us that the villa is for sale? It is very simple, you do not have to think about it too much. He can He says one thing, another player, but what we can say is that in this year and a half we are up to date with everyone. No one has come out of our club to say the villa is for sale, no one has come out to say there is an offer from Brujas.”

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“I didn’t see him holding socks. I spoke to him and his representative. I told him what the club thinks and while the club fulfills all his obligations he must fulfill his obligations and that is why we sent him a telegram to present himself for training. He is here and the passbook is already closed. He has been at the club for a year and a half and we By improving his contract. We hope you have learned and the obligations you have to fulfill. Our club is very serious and we are committed to everything and the months we are going to accomplish. It is clear: he did not respect the club, the shirt, his teammates.”

Edwin Cardona and his absence from the series against Atletico Mineiro in the Copa Libertadores:

“Cardona was the only player in our team who didn’t have a vacation. He played the semi-finals of the League Cup, and the next day he traveled with his team to play in the qualifiers and then the Copa America. I understand it a little bit. We were very excited in pre-season because Pavon, Briasco and Fia were They play great. I loved to play ball, I didn’t want to miss a match. We have the best player in the world and every December 23 he is at home with his family in Rosario and on January 3 he was in Spain playing in the Copa del Rey, against a third-tier team and the next against real Madrid “.

Lionel Messi:

“We are all excited to see him having fun with Neymar and Mbappe. If PSG don’t win the Champions League, they won’t win it anymore. I think he won the Champions League with PSG and then came back to Barcelona to retire.”

Inferior to Boca Juniors and their vision of Aaron Molinas:

“The only thing missing is that the hotel looks better. This is the first time the lower school kids have had so many opportunities. Now they will see that Medina or Mandra don’t have the starting level, but you have to take them little by little. This slack has us all. No We can tell them they played 20 minutes well, we won’t touch them.”

“You have to wait for Molinas for about 20 matches. You have to take care of him and give him time, like all boys. We will take good care of them and we will not have to bother with what is said on TV and radio. We are very grateful to the greats who have taken such great care of boys like Rojo and Cali.”

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Elimination in Cuba Libertadores:

“We played the favorites in the cup and in the draw they were all worried and it was Boca’s turn. I was worried about how we would be left out. We are competing very well and we will see when it all ends, we will see what happens and the decisions of CONMEBOL and hopefully not great things.”

Boca Juniors match:

I am the vice president of the club and the people responsible for football are Bermúdez, Delgado and Cassini. Then we have a coach who knows our club a lot and we trust him and his coaching staff. We believe the team will play in the best possible way. We want to be the protagonist.”

What do you think of Carlos Bianchi:

“With Bianchi we played more bad matches than good ones, but what happens is that people remember the important matches. To win you have to do something better than your opponent. For us Bianchi is everything: we taught a lot, to respect the club, the fans, and first we train. “And if you want to get there before him, you have to be at five or six in the morning. We can’t compare ourselves to Bianchi by how difficult it is to win the Copa Libertadores. We beat Real Madrid and then won the Libertadores title again, which is impossible today. Bianchi is the best coach.” in the history of Argentine football.

Farewell match in Boca:

“It will be weird because it will be the last time I go into the field. As far as I go to court, it won’t be the same. Sometimes I feel like it and other times it takes a little longer. I want it to be done and people enjoy it a lot.”

His fanatical mother:

“He’s a huge fan of our club. When I had the chance to go to River, he said to me ‘Look, if I go to River, I’ll never see you.’

What did your son tell you:

“He came out of the busero more than everyone else. He was very excited about the Cup, and so were we, but we took it all very quietly. He got a little nervous when he had to go testify because of the complaint they had (for being without protocol in the Boca Juniors box).” Possible additions: “We love Avalos, Roger Martinez, Borja, Cavani and Di Santo. The board is doing very well in speaking with many representatives and football players.”

Young Barco:

“He’s technically good and the boys love him a lot. We have to take care of him a lot. Sometimes he plays in reserve or not. He’s a 17-year-old boy and sometimes you wear him and we end up doing something bad with him. We have no doubt he has a great future and we don’t have No doubt we’ll see him play well for a long time. But he’s a kid, you have to take him calmly. He’s obligated to play in reserve and stay on Saturday to see the boys from his class. He plays well like Vega and we are very happy and we want to help him.”

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The fans’ return to the stadiums in Argentina:

“We need the people back. The people in Boca have turned our stadium into something unique and they are the culprits. There is no other court like it and it is the only thing we can give Cavani.”

Edwin Cardona Warranty Renewal:

“He has a loan until December 30 and until that date we will see if we renew it.”

Pavon’s future:

“He has a contract with us until June next year. When he came from the States, he said ugly things about us and recently said he likes the way our club works. For me, it would be a pleasure to be able to meet Pavon’s father because I’ve never been able to meet him. We cured him in the best way from his ankle injury. Time always puts things in place.”

His role as a manager at Boca:

“One day my son Agustin told me: ‘You have to go back to Boca.’ I love my team and we achieved what I dreamed of six years ago and I watch every day. The property (Ezeiza) is getting better every day.”

“I come home at 12 at night. I really enjoy seeing Blas (Giunta) who helped me a lot when I got to Boca and seeing him doing his job well. It’s great to be in the building every day and see how it works. Let the fans know that the coaches From the lower level they work very well.”

Arrival of Briasco and Rollon:

“They arrived and proved that they are at the top of Boca. They played three finals out of one and did well. We are very happy with them.” “There are players who always play well like Bolga Rodriguez, Marcos Rojo, Enzo Perez and Juan Ramirez.”

Almond game:

Play something else. If he wants to play for the national team, he will, and if he wants to play in Europe as well. We are fortunate to have him among us.”

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