Behind the scenes at Nikon: an electoral plan, messages for Christina and the imposition of unity

picture Alberto Fernandez at Vaca Muerta Surrounded by a large portion of the Camporismo staff, was an encrypted message of the inner power of the Frente de Todos with a clear, frank intent: from the height of power He sought to show that the President’s relations with the Vice President were not completely broken and that there were still glimmers of loneliness. With a view to submitting the electoral bid for the year 2023.

Behind the scenes of the picture in Vaca Muerta there were many doubts and mixed messages, but the tangible truth was that it was the ideal that the portrait alone would not be able to face the harsh political reality that was to come and that it would inevitably need Christina Kirchner and his pupils to support themselves.

The President sought to highlight the personality of the Vice President in line with the assessments of the Secretary of Energy who invoked the decision Kristina Kirchner Returns to YPF in the hands of the state during his tenure.

There are not a few officials who surround the president and admit that on a winding road, Alberto Fernandez will have to Swallow “more frogs”. This is it: From ultimately angry letters from the vice president to a report from the Secretary of Energy that completely scraps Martin Guzman’s electricity rate splitting plan.

Through her “movement”, Christina Kirchner confirmed that she occupies the second minority

In Vaca Muerta, the president was precisely surrounded by officials who surreptitiously undermined the stability of the Minister of Economy, his favorite official and his shield. They were among others Axel Kiselov, Daro Martinez, Pablo Gonzalez and Federico Basualdoamong other things.

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However, in their reading today at Casa Rosada, they downplayed the influence of camporismo in the image, considered that any sign of crack had to be overcome and justified the image as a tool to face the near future together.

Even those close to Guzmán originate from Washington: “The boss is balancing. You don’t have to hit yourself too much.”they said the historian. There were also those who justified the image of a dead cow by saying “YPF belongs to everyone, it is a symbol of unity.” They highlighted the same thing Alberto Fernandez who asked Guzmn to zoom out from the United States To share the verb in Neuqun and not neglect it. Another offer to support the minister in less than a week.

unit image

The president’s “unity” photo also included support for Christina Kirchner’s Senate political move to split the ruling bloc to gain space in the Judicial Council.

Ironically, some officials have played down the camp’s profile with Alberto Fernandez and insisted: “All officials are allied with Guzmán” They said in reference to that phrase by the Minister of Economy who indicated the need for the followers of the Kirchnerians to adapt to the actions taken by the President in connection with the agreement with the IMF.

At the same time, the Neuquén scene was completed by the trip that will be led by the Minister of the Interior starting tomorrow. Eduardo Wado de Pedro Israel with eight rulers. Alberto Fernandez’s recent strategy has been to give de Pedro a greater share of internal power in the government.

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Thus, the President authorized one of the Bishops of Christina Kirchner to do so Pope Francis’ visit, to meet the US ambassador and to beautify the governors of the states. It is likely that these signs also seek to rein in the chief of staff’s aspirations John Manzor That he’s getting more and more excited about his 2023 presidential project?

no one knows. Anyway, Vaca Muerta’s photo also showed a boss claiming the name Nstor Kirchner as the undisputed historical leader of Peronism in recent years. It is no coincidence that the new gas pipeline was named after the deceased head of state.

In this sense, Neuquén’s photo relates to the president’s controversial statement yesterday when he said: “Some say we lost. Damn, we lost in 2023” Most notably in an open reference to his re-election project

Reality will determine whether those in the photo and what it represents will continue to side with the president in his 2023 campaign. But that’s a topic for other inaugurations.

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